Street Art of Chile {Guest Post}

Here at WhatAWonderfulWorld we love street art!  We capture it wherever and whenever we can! We’re very excited to be handing our blog over to Camila today, who is going to share with us some beautiful street art she captured while in Chile.  Camila writes a jam packed travel blog that is full of vibrant, heartfelt and beautifully written pots.  Plus, she loves Chile as much as we do!  So head over and check out her lovely blog.  Our favourite posts of hers are the time Camila looked for Rosslyn Castle, 30 before 30 and macaron baking – yum!


Hi everyone! My name is Camila and I blog over at The Things I Am Crazy For, which mainly focuses on my travels and expat life. I’m so happy to be taking over Clem and Marcella’s blog today and hope my photography can come just a little close to their amazing photos!

I’ve travelled multiple times to Chile – to visit family – and today I wanted to share some of my photography of the street art I found in Chile. In Canada, street art is not really a big thing – or perhaps I have not noticed – but I definitely noticed it while I was in Chile. Two of my favourite places to visit were Valdivia and Valparaiso and they both had some nice art, which added so much character to the sometimes crumbling walls.

I was staying near Temuco in the Araucania region in the south of Chile. One weekend we headed down to Valdivia to visit my cousin and his family. After a big lunch, like only Chileans can make, we headed out to the riverside market and me and my cousin’s daughter bought some nice necklaces. Finally we made it by the water. So beautiful! These were two particular graffitis that I liked. Please excuse my presence in both pictures, pre-blog me always wanted to get involved in the photos 😉

valdivia-street-art-2 valdivia-street-art

A few weeks later, my grandmother and I headed north to Valparaiso to celebrate the New Year’s. I went walking around the town with my cousins for the days before and after the most important midnight of the year, and I was so surprised to find all these amazing graffiti paintings on the many walls of the town. They really added pops of colour amidst the maze-like streets of the city!

valparaiso-street-art-1 valparaiso-street-art-2 valparaiso-street-art-3 valparaiso-street-art-4

Hope you enjoyed my little photos and a big thank you to Clem and Marcella for letting me take over today!! Have a wonderful day everyone!


Thanks Camila!  We’ve loved hosting you 🙂  You can find more from Camila on her Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Want to see more street art?  Check out our previous street art posts from around the world:  Montreal, Berlin, The Berlin Wall, Marseille and San Francisco.

Clem and Marcella xx

p.s Did you see Marcella’s post about the desert of Chile on The Things I Am Crazy For?

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