Thoughts From a Londoner Returning Home

When I landed in London at the end of December, I hadn’t been on British soil for a whole year.  The longest time ever!  Of course, I’m way more British (well, Londoner), than Chilean, and I always, always will be.

However, from living abroad in Santiago for just over two years now, there are things you notice so much more when you return.  Things that you wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at before.

So, I jotted these moments down on my phone when they happened, and it’s funny to read through them…

Thoughts From a Londoner Returning Home

I can understand everything that everyone is saying all the time, and I don’t have to even think for a moment, I just know.  

…Apart from the fact that I can hear people speaking in lots of different languages on the tube, I love that!

Oh, I remember. I’m short in England. There are a lot of tall people around here. DSC06672

I could spend hours in book shops and libraries enjoying the fact that everything is in English, and I want them all!

Oops, I really do have to stand on the right side of the escalator at all times.

Hmm, I forgot that I really should have an umbrella in my bag at all times, it could rain at any moment.

Multiculturalism makes me so happy!!

I’m topping up my Oyster card again, didn’t I just do that yesterday? And the day before, too?

I loveeeee the politeness of service in shops, the shop assistant just said “thank you” to me about 8 times.

Wait, what’s this?! (New £10 note and pound coins!)

Oh, and this shop assistant said “Sorry for the wait”, which was only about 2 minutes long!

Must remember to look the correct way when crossing the road. At least the writing on the road tells me which way to look!

Does the sun exist? I haven’t seen it for days.

Somebody just walked into me, I better say sorry! dsc06676

The variety of food from everywhere is just amazing, how can I choose?

Oh no, I just called it the metro! It’s the TUBE!!

Pret A Manger… please, please, please open in Santiago! On every street corner, like London, that would be just great!

Oh no, what if I’ve forgotten how to speak Spanish on my return to Chile?

Brrrr, that wind is cold!! Pass me another layer to add to my already three.

So. Many. Vegetarian. Options!!dsc07699

It’s so great to get a seat on the tube!

I could spend hours browsing the shelves in Boots… maybe the security guard will wonder what I’m doing! Hmm… but so many products!

Is it ok to want to eat Indian food everyday? Yes?

It’s dark, already! At 4:30pm. DSC06683

Nothing beats that London skyline.

I Love London… I Love Home ❤

What thoughts do you have when you return home?

Oh, and today is my four year blogging anniversary, yay!Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 09.08.13.png


Marcella xx

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24 thoughts on “Thoughts From a Londoner Returning Home

  1. I have these same thoughts upon returning home as well (and yes!! to multiculturalism, for sure! i do miss the diversity). The main thing I realize when I go home is how dang much I miss the ocean and how I never appreciated it properly before 🙂

  2. This is so sweet. SO great that you got to visit back home and spend some time in your favorite part of the world. Yes to Indian food every day! I typically want to wander alone in the streets of the old town in my city pretending to be a tourist. It all looks so different and more charming when you are a tourist in your own city. xx

  3. Happy anniversary – how exciting! Hehe I love these thoughts… definitely had a lot of them on returning to London anytime after travel. I would personally volunteer to bring Pret to NZ if I ever move back there!

  4. Awwwww!!! I love this post – I can totally imagine everything in it. I hope you had a great time at home, and that your Spanish is still there for you when you return to Chile 🙂

  5. This is so interesting! A few people have spoken to us about reverse culture shock, not sure if that’s exactly how you’d classify this yourself but it must be crazy going home after so long. It’ll probably be close to 2y away by the time we go back to the UK unless there are any major disasters (fingers crossed there aren’t!) and I have no idea how I’ll find it. I expect I’ll do escalators all wrong, too!

    • Thanks Rachel! I 100% had reverse culture shock when returning home after two months in Nepal and India and it was such an uneasy feeling. However, as you said, I think these are more observations, rather than actual reverse culture shock just because life in Santiago isn’t that that different compared to London, as opposed to living with a family in Nepal, which was obviously the polar opposite!! But it is crazy how your mind changes how it sees things, I’m sure you’ll experience it too! Have a lovely weekend 😀

  6. I loved this! I loved that the moments were written in the moment. I could imagine it. I only lived there for one year of my life, but so much yes to it all. Pret a manger should be everywhere in the world haha. And when I left, I definitely got confused about where to stand or where to look crossing the road.

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