Art Attack

Lately, we have seen many pictures of the beautiful polar vortex that spread in Northern USA. Meanwhile, in Canada, extremely cold temperatures appear to be normal at this time of the year. So today, I would like to share with you the beautiful urban art that makes streets in Canada, worth a winter stroll.

Walking in the snow in Montreal, by -30°c, head bent down, wrapped in four tops, three pairs of trousers, two scarves and one ridiculous pair of earmuffs is not fun.  It is even painful! Cold burns your face, frost is slippery.

But, Montreal is known for its kindness, so in one word, what makes it so kind? Colours! When snow covers the city for several months throughout the year, one has to have a look at the colourful facades and wallpapers of the city’s houses and buildings to find a big smile on one’s face. Colours make Montreal in the winter a fun and kind city.

Bienvenue 🙂


Clem xxx

3 thoughts on “Art Attack

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