Chilean Seafood Salad :: Ensalada de Machas

Chile has a Huuuuge coastline, which means it has an abundance of deliciously fresh seafood.  And of course, fresh is always best. However, when bringing seafood from Chile to the UK… it has to be in a tin, which is … Continue reading

City Views {From Around the World)

Whenever you visit a city and ask advice for what you should see and do there, you are usually always recommended a view point.  “Climb up to _____, to see the amazing view!”  “You should definitely go to ____ because … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Blog! {And my favourite ten photos}

This weekend last year, I click publish on my first ever post here on WhatAWonderfulWorld. Since then I have grown to love blogging; the photography, the online community with fellow bloggers, the creative outlet, the inspiration from other blogs and, the … Continue reading

A Vegan Christmas

“What do you eat at Christmas?”  is a common question I am asked when I tell people I don’t eat meat. This year my family and I followed recipes from Abel and Cole, everything of which was vegan, and cooked … Continue reading

Murals in Valle del Elqui, Chile

After arriving in the Valle del Elqui, Chile and heading to a solar powered restaurant, we went to find a place to stay before jumping in the pool to cool down.  The following day we explored the valley and discovered that … Continue reading