Street Art on The Berlin Wall

So, it’s my last post from my five day trip to Berlin.  I’ve already shared what I ate and drank, seeing the sights, exploring Postdam and street art in Berlin but I though the Berlin Wall deserved it’s own past as it now displays wonderful street art, many of which contain messages of peace and hope.

DSC01040DSC01025DSC01032DSC01026 DSC01027 DSC01028 DSC01029 DSC01031DSC01033 DSC01036 DSC01037 DSC01038 DSC01039  DSC01043 DSC01045 DSC01050 DSC01054 DSC01055

Love street art?  Check out our other finds from Chicago, Marseille and of course, Berlin.

Have a wonderful weekend!  How are you spending it?

Marcella xx

2 thoughts on “Street Art on The Berlin Wall

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