In Search of Snow :: Monumento Natural El Morado

On Sunday morning, I woke up to a flurry of Whatsapp messages and photos because something special had happened : It has snowed in England, in December.

For some of you who live in certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere, snow in December is probably nothing unusual.  But, despite what many people think, it actually doesn’t snow very often in England, especially not in London and especially not in December.  I scrolled through the images that I had been sent, as well as the Instagram shots only to feel a bit disappointed that the snow hadn’t waited just a few more days until I was home! (T-12 at the time of posting)

Luckily, the disappointment didn’t last too long as we were off on a Sunday adventure, which also involved snow.  DSC00121We were going to Monumento Natural El Morado in Cajon del Maipo, just outside of Santiago.  This park had been on our radar for a long time but, it had been closed for a good few months.  However, it just reopened again in November meaning it was the perfect chance to go along.

We hopped in the car for a 2 hour drive to the park as the sun was beating down outside, with temperatures to reach 33 later that day.  We layered on the suncream and set off for a view of the glacier, the lake (and of course, the theme of the day: Snow!) Very quickly, we could already spy our final destination in the distance, we just had to follow the path, and the bluest sky you could imagine!DSC00098DSC00101Within a few minutes, we realised just how hot it was and the fact that there was no shade at all on this trek, none!  But, with views as pretty as these, it became easier to focus on these rather than the beating sun.DSC00099DSC00100DSC00102DSC00111DSC00104DSC00107DSC00108DSC00114After about two hours, we arrived to the lake with it’s beautiful reflections and the perfect view of the glacier.  Just being by the water made us feeler cooler.DSC00123It was the perfect spot for a quick picnic lunch, a chance to reapply suncream and drink our body weight in water.  It was so peaceful and tranquil and all of the views were picture perfect!DSC00124DSC00125DSC00126

And as the trek ended, we said a last cheers to our last hike of the season in and around Santiago.  Until Autumn and cooler temperatures, mountains…

Were you enjoying the snow this weekend or soaking up the sun?

Marcella xx

16 thoughts on “In Search of Snow :: Monumento Natural El Morado

  1. It sounds like you had an amazing hike and I can’t get enough of those blue skies and that stunning lake! My boss’s daughter lives in London and I had no idea that it didn’t snow there very often until she mentioned it last year. We actually had some snow last weekend too and it was so awesome because we only get it every few years!

  2. Ahh so glad you got to share in the excitement of snow right before your trip home!! I was SO happy to see the snow… The Holiday definitely led me to believe that it snows all winter in England (and everyone lives in cute cottages and works in London and marries Jude Law what). So it was nice to finally experience it! I hope you get some snow when you come home in a few weeks. Buuuut if not, I guess you will always have your snow in Chile 😉

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