Hello There, 2018!


I hope you’ve had a great start to 2018 so far.  I’ve really loved reading all of your 2017 recaps and plans for this coming year, there is nothing like time spent reflecting and planning/ dreaming!  You can read my recap here, there were lots of mountains involved!

I’ve been lucky to start of this year with some relaxed time.  The benefit of coming home for 26 days means I haven’t had to run around like a headless chicken like I have the past two times.  As well as meeting up with everyone, eating lots of great food and soaking up everything great about a cold Christmas, I have also managed to fit in reading, art, blog writing and reading and knitting time, which makes it feel more like a holiday.  And the good news is that I still have 7 weeks left of my summer holiday.  Crazy!

So, what’s in store for 2018?

~ 13 more days in London! YAY!

~ … and then the joy of being reunited with Carlos after almost 4 weeks apart!

~ Two weeks in Santiago from mid-end of January with no plans at all.  It’ll be great to fill in all the days.DSC00207

~ I’m also just about to reach my 4 year blogging anniversary.

~ Welcoming my brother to Chile for 12 days in February.

~ 4 days in the Chilean desert with Carlos and my brother.  We’ve booked a lovely Air BnB and a car, I’m excited!DSC_0009

~ A few days of holiday to fill with Carlos in mid February, we have some ideas!

~ Beginning my third year teaching in Chile at the end of February.  I’ll be teaching First Básico again (6-7 year olds).

~ Planning more Food Safaris (hopefully one per month!)  I’m already excited to keep getting creative in the kitchen.DSC08424

~ Another flight home to London in April for one of my best friend’s weddings.  We’ve been friends since we were  11 and I’m so excited!

~ Turning 30 in July and planning something special for it!dsc07531

~ Celebrating another best friends wedding in spirit.  She is getting married in September so I’ll be celebrating from Chile as I won’t be able to fly for that one,

~ 8 long weekends to make plans for ~ Chile really does have so many bank (public) holidays that fall nicely this year!

Let’s see what 2018 has in store!

Marcella xx

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14 thoughts on “Hello There, 2018!

  1. Ahhh excited for you to join the 30 club this year! And 4 weeks apart from Carlos?! O_O The longest I’ve ever been apart from Charles was 1 week since we got married and, while it was nice at first, I was missing him like crazy the last few days before his return. 2018 sounds like it’s gonna be filled with so many happy/adventurous moments for you Marcella! I’m excited to follow along! xo

    • Yay for 30! 4 weeks is a long time but when you are an international couple from different continents, it’s not that unusual. We actually had to spend four months apart once when I started my Post Grad in London and Carlos was waiting for his student visa 😭😱

  2. Your summer holidays are epic! I’m still a bit bitter about my loss of annual leave, ha. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London, and two weeks with no plans? Bliss. The plans with your brother sound like a lot of fun, has he been to Chile before?

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