Views of Dhulikhel, Nepal

Sometimes breathtaking views just speak for themselves and don’t need any explanation.  The beauty lies in enjoying the view and all of the details.  The views of Dhulikhel, Nepal are those kind of views. Which views are your favourite?  Many … Continue reading

Markets of London :: Brixton Village

It’s great to discover new places in your hometown.  Especially when it’s the kind of place that you can’t wait to go to again!  Brixton Village is a small part of Brixton Market that has delicious, small, homely restaurants and … Continue reading

To Flutter

Colourful, patterned, fragile, delicate Fluttering, gliding, dancing, flittering, swooping Gracefully, beautifully, delicately, smoothly, graciously, elegantly, agilely   All found fluttering at the Sensational Butterflies butterfly house.  More butterflies in Cambodia. Marcella xx  

These Boots Are Made For Walking…

Do you have an item of clothing that reminds you of your travels?  That faithful backpack, a sarong, a jacket, a purse? Last weekend I replaced my walking boots.  After six years and many trips they were starting to look, … Continue reading