Kathmandu, Nepal {from above}

Nepal has a really special place in my heart and I know it does in Clem’s too.

It was my first long distance travel by myself.  By ‘by myself‘ I mean without my family.  I had been to Europe with friends and I had been further afield with my family.  But this was me, Clem and five others off to Nepal.  I was nineteen (I turned twenty during the trip) and it was 2009.  We set off for seven weeks in Nepal, volunteering.  We headed to Northern India after that but that’s a story for another day.  I know that we both say that no other travel experience will be the same as this one; it was the first of this kind and therefore unique in every way.

Nepal is an beautifully enchanting country.  It is colourful, powerful and home to some of the world’s kindest and most hospitable people, and of course stunning mountains.  My heart melts when I see photos of Nepal as the seven weeks I spent there meant so much.  So, I can’t believe after almost eight months of blogging neither of us have written a post on Nepal!  I began to look through my photos from Nepal… all 1040 of them to decide on a theme for my first post.  It sprung out at me quite quickly – Kathmandu from above.  I love experimenting with photography from different angles and seeing how this reveals something different.  Being able to capture from above allows you to see small details and watch the world go by.  It’s a great way of people watching.

So, here we go.  These are all photos from our first full day in Nepal.  I hope you’re not scared of heights!

We arrived into Kathmandu in the evening so it was already dark.  There is always something mysterious about arriving to a new place in the dark; you are not clear what it really looks like and it leaves the excitement of the view that will be waiting for you in the morning.  This was it.  

The first view from our guest house…The sprawling city; the cloudy monsoon sky and the vast, green mountains looming over the city.  Pretty special.



As we wandered into the centre of the city for the first time we were spoilt for views; pagodas, temples, busy streets and houses of contrasting colours and shapes.  And the sky had turned a beautiful, bright shade of blue scattered with big, fluffy clouds – my favourite!

DSC_0215 DSC_0219 DSC_0220 DSC_0222 DSC_0225 DSC_0261DSC_0228DSC_0260


Are you ready for a view to remember?  It’s certainly one I won’t forget.  This is the view from Monkey Temple.  It’s given it’s name because of the families of monkeys that live in the grounds of the temple.  You see the city in it’s full glory and realise just how big it is.  Look at those clouds too!  Can you spot the prayer flags in the the foreground?  I love how they hang from temples and light up the sky.

DSC_0245 DSC_0246

Phew, good memories.  Have you been to the beautiful city of Kathmandu?

Marcella xx

13 thoughts on “Kathmandu, Nepal {from above}

  1. Gorgeous photos! And those mountains! I can’t believe you went to volunteer in Nepal at 19, wow!!
    Kathmandu looks even more amazing that I ever imagined it to be! You’re really making me want to head there soon to discover it!

  2. Eek so glad I came across your blog, look forward to flicking through later on. Beautiful photos! My husband and our two young daughters are off to Nepal early next year I am so unbelievably excited!

      • Yes we are going for a couple of weeks and will head straight to Pokhara, our visit is timed for Holi, so we wanted to be somewhere a little quieter for the kids (they will be 2 and 5 when we visit) then will head to Chitwan for my daughters 5th birthday! then to Kathmandu to explore. If you have any recommendations, must see’s/do’s/eats etc please let me know!

      • Sounds great!

        Pokhara is a lovely place and we found it really relaxing; we loved hiring a boat and boating on the lake for the day. You can also pull the boat over and walk to see a temple which is on the edge of the lake. There is a small waterfall to see too.

        We lived in a house in Chitwan; it’s beautiful as there are endless miles of rice fields! We went to Chitwan National Park and there are lots of activities to do there and you’ll be able to see some of the animals. But, be careful if you do a ‘safari’ as we were really disappointed with ours as we didn’t see any animals at all but I’m sure there are some better companies out there.

        In Kathmandu visit monkey temple and there is a very sacred place just on the outskirts of the centre where funerals take place, I can’t remember the name of it. The markets are also great and you can spend hours walking around them. There are also lots of temples to see.

        The food is amazing. Daal Bhat is typical Nepali food and we loved it. That’s rice and lentils. Mo mos are also popular and they are delicious.
        ENJOY! 🙂

      • Ha I am such a newbie to blogging I just found all these notifications I never knew I had! Thanks for the great info, I am so excited! My mum used to make me daal bhat growing up, I’m positive it’s even better in Nepal!

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