A Chilean Celebration

September in Chile is really special.  The eighteenth of September marks Chilean independence day and bank holidays for the occasion.  However, it isn’t just the day of the eighteenth that is celebrated!  Many days before and after become parties; tonnes of food, the Chilean national dance; cueca and time with family and friends.  Many people decorate their houses and wear traditional outfits.  I haven’t spent a September in Chile but I’ve always celebrated it in the UK, which I’m more than sure is nowhere near the same.  For the next few years I will be spending September in Chile but until thern here is how the London celebration was…IMG-20140918-WA0020

A friend, who I worked with in Chile invited me to her flat and there was so much food!  The kind of amount of food where you are really full and you still haven’t tried everything!  So, Chilean food.  Here we go…

(I wish I had taken my camera with me.  My phone camera leaves a lot to de desired!)

To start…

Crisps and crackers dipped into a huge bowl of avocado (palta).  As you will know from this post, avocado is one of my favourite things… ever.IMG-20140918-WA0018

Now, this looks weird.  But trust me.  It is so delicious.  This dish will be on the table at every Chilean party you go to.  It’s philadelphia cheese with soy sauce poured on top of it and coated with sesame seeds.  You then eat it with crackers.  I promise, it’s great!IMG-20140918-WA0029

The main event…

Empanadas, which can be baked or fried.  We had both!  Clem made these delicious ones earlier this year.  Served with pebre; a sauce made from coriander, onion, garlic and olive oil.IMG-20140918-WA0031 IMG-20140918-WA0033 IMG-20140918-WA0035

And completos too; a Chilean hot dog.  I made a veggie version here.IMG-20140918-WA0042

To wash it all down…

The classic Chilean cocktail; Pisco Sour and a teremoto (earthquake) which is a mix of sweet fermented wine and fernet topped with pineapple ice cream.  It’s given it’s name for a reason!IMG-20140918-WA0022

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Happy Weekend everyone!

Marcella xx

2 thoughts on “A Chilean Celebration

    • We seem to have a constant supply of Pisco due to our many Chilean visitors! And, did you know that you can’t find pineapple ice cream anywhere?! So, Carlos bought an ice cream maker especially for making teremotos! Now, that is dedication!

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