How Chile Changed How I Travel

Something I’ve learnt after two years of living abroad, is that your travel plans definitely adapt and change according to where you live.

In Europe, you only need to jump on a plane for an hour or two to be somewhere where the language is different, the food too, not to mention the architecture.  Which means, that travelling to Europe is easy and often very low-cost.  It’s perfectly achievable to travel to another country for a long weekend.

But living in South America means that the distance between countries is so much greater, so jumping on a quick plane and being in a new country, doesn’t really happen.  This might sound like this makes travel less exciting, but in reality, it’s just different.

You see, Chile has so much to explore, more than anyone can really imagine.  But instead of holidaying in bustling cities full of colour and culture, in Chile, people generally travel to spend time in the great outdoors.  Be it at the beach, in the mountains, a national park or the desert.   There is so much on offer that it’s impossible to get bored of travelling in Chile.  Especially when you consider that from Santiago, you can fly three hours north and south and still be in Chile… That still amazes me, coming from the tiny UK!

So, in two years of living here, asides from our honeymoon to Colombia and a trip to Lima, Peru.  All of our long weekends and longer holidays have been spent in Chilean nature.  Some of those trips have been just an hour away from Santiago whilst others have been a flight away.

Travelling in Chile has allowed me:

To camp in the mountainsDSC09808

To see the blooming desert in Spring.DSC_0119

To visit the most stunning mountains in PatagoniaDSC09295DSC09233To admire lakeside sunsetsDSC08818DSC08824To pose on top of a volcanoDSC08793To admire the beauty of Chile’s national parks.DSC_0093DSC_0075To see bodies of water that look too good to be trueDSC08227DSC08270To trek and camp along the Caratera AustralDSC08019To watch sunset in the desertdsc07623To climb to great heightsdsc07522To spot waterfallsDSC06914To play in the snowDSC08967DSC06379To breathe in the ocean airDSC05719DSC05739To see wildlifeDSC06183DSC09259

… to explore a new way of travelling!

Chile has shown me so much variety and opened up so many new travel opportunities. Here is to seeing more of you, Chile, because the list of places to see in Chile, never ends!

Has where you lived changed your travel plans?

Marcella xx

31 thoughts on “How Chile Changed How I Travel

  1. Man, Chile looks like an absolutely amazing country – the first photo of Patagonia literally gave me goosebumps! I definitely agree that living abroad can help change your travel perspective. Back home, I used to not go on any day trips and rarely even weekend trips… not being based in South Bohemia, I realize how great local trips are and how much there is to discover where you are… because alllll the trips can’t be the big ones, but I still want to travel as much as I can while here. I think if/when I move back home to WA state, I’ll be a local travel maniac 🙂

    • Patagonia is beyond incredible, imagine my face when I saw that view!! I’m so excited to write my 2017 adventure recap as it’s been a good one!
      And yes, I totally agree with you on that one! We plan so much for the long weekends and even normal weekends as I want to take advantage of it all! 🙂 So glad I’m not the only one 😉 I also think I’d do the same in the U.K.

  2. Beautiful story, Marcella. It looks like Chile has so much to offer, you could spend your whole life exploring it and not make a dent. I think the beauty of travel is exactly that – adapt according to your destination. Every country has something different to give, teach and show. Thus changing the way you explore and what you focus on is important to take full advantage of where you are. xx

  3. As always your photos are stunning!! I have to say I really appreciate how close countries are in Europe and the ease of traveling Europe from the UK. I’m a bit nervous about adjusting to those huge distances back in the states! You seem to have adjusted really well though and are definitely making the most of travel in Chile 🙂

  4. That’s one of the things that I love about Europe is that it is so easy to travel to new countries and cheap as well! We have the same issue in the United States that it’s hard to travel to another country and sometimes even another state, but that just makes traveling within the country that much more exciting!

  5. I never thought about how living abroad will change the way you travel, but it totally does! I do things now that I never would have done before moving to Korea. great post!

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