Travel Wishes

We all have travel wishes; places we’d love to go to with the click of our fingers.  Places we’ve looked at endless photographs of.  And places that fill our travel dreams.  Inspired by Camila’s post on her bucket list of places, I have created my own.  The top four places I dream of, in no particular order.

Some are very specific places while others are the country in general.  Some have been dreamt of for years and others are newer additions.  This was a really fun post to write and one that has made me get itchy feet.  Luckily, I’m off on a trip in three weeks time.  Phew 😉

1. The mountains of TibetSplendid-Tanggula-Mountains

Source: TibetTravel

This is definitely a combination of my love for Nepal and Chile.  I started dreaming of Tibet around four years ago.  Firstly, the mountains!  My love for mountains was developed in Nepal and Chile and I just love them so much.  The vastness and beauty of them is breathtaking.  Secondly, the spirituality of Tibet.  The Buddhist pagodas, the colourful prayer flags and the mediation that is all associated with the place.  This was something that captured me in Nepal and then later in Cambodia; an air of peacefulness and tranquility.

2. Fernando de Noronha, Brasil



When I first purchased a South America guidebook, 5 years ago, this place sprung out at me.  Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands off the coast of Brasil.  What makes this place really special is that it is a UNESCO word heritage site.  It boasts beautiful white sand, unbelievably clear water and lots of ecosystems.  I guess it is a kind of paradise, and one I would love to go to!

3. Vietnam06032014-182204-2a1a2813-modifier-22

Source: The Wayfarer’s Path.  Check out the amazing photographs of Seb on Seb and Tess’ website and Facebook page.  I am in love with these shots!

This one is another Nepal inspired place, can you tell I love Nepal?!  (Which makes me realise I haven’t written a post about Nepal… coming soon!).  The beautiful, bright green rice fields is what springs to mind when I think of Vietnam.  These look stunning at all times; after a monsoon shower when they look shimmering; as the sunset reflects on the water of the rice fields and when you spot the rice farmers in the far distance with their wide hats.  I’d love to go!

4. Cartagena, Colombia299472_10151056408086976_1837953407_n

Source:  Clem’s photo collection. (Thanks Clem!)

I find that travel dreams start either when you become inspired by a similar place or a friend tells you about the place.  Cartagena is a more recent addition to my wishes and it began when Clem was living in Colombia.  Clem told me all about the city and showed me the colours and characters that it had.  Then I was captured by it.  Anywhere this colourful is jaw dropping.

What are your travel dreams?  Have you been to any of these four places?  If so, please link me your photos to fuel my dreams even more!  Have a great rest of the week 🙂

Marcella xx

This post is part of Travel Tuesday and is linked with BonnieKaelene, Sammy and Van 🙂


4 thoughts on “Travel Wishes

  1. So happy you guys are joining Travel Tuesday 🙂 Love the list! I had heard wonderful things about Cartagena and that picture is beautiful, I love the colour of the building! I had never heard of Fernando de Noronha and yet it sounds amazing! I really dream of sailing through beautiful islands like that!
    I look forward to that Nepal post by the way!

    • Thanks Camila! It’s been really fun reading others people’s lists, I’m glad I found Travel Tuesday on your blog. So many interesting posts to read. A Nepal post on the way soon, I’m just deciding which aspect to start with. There is so much beauty there! I think it may have to be a series.

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