Food Safari :: Middle Eastern

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that about once a month, a group of 5 friends and I get together to ‘travel the world through our tastebuds’.

One of us chooses a cuisine and we all get to work creating a dish or two in our own kitchens.  Then, we come together to share a yummy feast.  This is what we call Food Safari.

Our last Food Safari of 2017 was Middle Eastern cuisine, and it was a seriously yummy one! Middle Eastern food is made for sharing and it all came together just perfectly!

We enjoyed:

Florence’s Israeli cous cous with lemon za’atar, carrots and roasted chickpeasDSC00142Steph’s creamy baba ghanoush topped with sesame seedsDSC00135My grilled aubergine dish cooked in a spicy chick pea and tomato sauce and topped with garlicy yogurtDSC00146Erin’s flavoursome grilled vegetarian stuffed peppers and courgettes served in a spicy sauceDSC00145DSC00144Kathy’s moreish flaky cheese pastries, totally made from scratch!DSC00143Florence’s two dips: Tahini, yogurt and lemon juice // The creamiest hummusDSC00139Florence’s crispy chickpea falafels perfect for dipping in those creamy sauces!DSC00138Steph’s creamy roasted carrot dip served with vegetable crispsDSC00137Kathy’s perfectly seasoned chick pea, red onion and herb saladDSC00136All washed down and enjoyed with a glass or two of Dayan’s very special Sangria {red wine, pisco, rum, orange juice and syrup}DSC00140It certainly was an absolute feast and writing this post makes me realise just how many things you can do with chick peas!

It was the perfect way to end our first year of Food Safari especially since we are now on a break as we are all over the world enjoying our long summer holidays.

So, in the first week of March, we’ll be back in our kitchens preparing for our first Food Safari of 2018, Greece! What should I make?  Any meatless Greek suggestions are welcome!

And where should we travel to next?!  Please let us know some of your yummy suggestions!

You can see my posts about our previous Food Safaris here, just don’t read them before you’ve eaten lunch as there is so much drool worthyness in there 😉 ::

India | Cambodia | Peru | Italy | Mexico

Happy Weekend!

Marcella xx

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50 thoughts on “Food Safari :: Middle Eastern

  1. This looks too good for words! I’m on a massive chickpea kick at the moment so I’m taking notes… I continue to be impressed at the cooking skills of you and your friends! We have found some excellent Lebanese restaurants here and I don’t understand how they make everything so tasty.

    As for Greek, I vote anything with halloumi or feta. I am a cheese fiend.

  2. I love this “food safari” name! We have a similar tradition with my friend group here, although we are typically not so specific to all make a dish from the same country or region (… but I think we should!) I have to say that you and your friends seem to be excellent cooks – it all is so creative and looks so delicious! I made an excellent veggie moussaka that was SO good – definitely recommend trying it out. The exact recipe I used is somewhere on my old computer, but I think there are a lot of good ones floating around…

  3. This is such a cool idea. I need friends who are equally as into cooking/baking as I am so we could try new recipes in this way!! How do you all pick the theme for each night? Draw straws? Vote? One person chooses?

  4. MMm this particular meal party looks delicious! I love anything with couscous and it’s actually hard to find in Germany (obviously). I really should start a similar thing, my coworkers are quite international these days! #WanderfulWednesday

  5. A food safari is a great idea! All that food looks so delicious. Someone might have already mentioned it but spanikopita for a meatless Greek appetizer. #wanderfulwednesday

  6. Oooh I really love middle eastern food – especially baba ganoush, that one looked so yummy! I don’t know very much about greek food apart from getting food poisoning when I was in greece haha – I tend to shy away from greek food as you might guess! so i’m curious about what you come up with in march! someone will have to bring ouzo!

    • Oh no! Food poisoning memories never leave you! I feel the same about strawberries as I got food poisoning from them when they weren’t washed properly (I never knew that could happen but it’s a thing in Chile!)… now I can’t look at them in the same way!!

  7. This is such an awesome idea! The food looks really delicious, and I do love a good hummus 🙂
    For your Greek theme how about tzatziki? #wanderfulwednesday

  8. I love Middle Eastern food and seriously, everything looks amazing! If I didn’t know any better, I would have guessed everyone was from the Middle East lol. It’s lunch time here and I seriously might get some falafels now lol. And I totally want to try your garlicy yogurt… I love anything garlic!

  9. I LOVE these food safaris! How great that you have a group of friends to do this with! And wow, you guys did amazing with this meal! Everything looks so delicious, especially the baba ganoush and the cheese pastries! I would love to see you guys do Thai food next! Though I don’t know how easy it is to get those Thai ingredients there!

  10. This is such a cool idea, I need to find some friends like that myself, must be one excellent get together every month — if you ever want to try out East Asian cuisine and want to take a earthy flavours safari, try out recipes from my blog —

  11. This looks delicious! I love Middle Eastern food. Will you share the recipe for the stuffed peppers and the chickpea salad?

    Such a cool idea to have a group of friends exploring a specific cuisine. Sounds like the best potluck idea ever!

  12. This sound like SO much fun. I may have to do this with my friends! Maybe falafel for greek vegetarian? I could be wrong that it’s not originally Greek, but I had it yesterday at a Greek restaurant 😂

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