Seeing The City From Above

Happy new week!  It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve posted on my blog… the longest time without posting in a year.  It was nice to take a little break as Spring in Santiago has been so busy: I’ve been to three weddings in the past few weeks and we are going to our final wedding of this year thus Saturday.  We’ve also had some lovely birthday to celebrate.  So the end of the year has been busy, which is usually always a good thing!

When life gets busy, it’s always good to see things from a different perspective, and looking down is always one of the best ways to do that!  Well, we did just that a good few weeks ago.  One of the really great things about living in Santiago is the easy and close access to trekking opportunities.  We took advantage of that and trekked up Cerro Pochoco one Sunday, which is just about 30 minutes drive from the centre of Santiago.

This was one very pretty climb.  And once which took us a while to get to do.  We had chosen two previous weekends to climb up it, only to find that the days were cloudy or raining.  Until finally, third day lucky, the day was just perfect!
Pochoco is a steep climb, meaning it’s not very long until the view unfolds right in front of you!  And it really is one very special view!DSC_0002DSC_0014DSC_0012DSC_0010DSC_0009Both the greenery and the city are there for you to see and the Spring flowers just added to the beauty.DSC_0015
And we even met a little friend on the way.  One that I am used to seeing very regularly on the streets of London.  I am sure s/he enjoys his home here in nature much more!DSC_0016DSC_0018DSC_0019However, those views didn’t last very long.  Suddenly, the sky filled with clouds.  Which, doesn’t sound great on a hike.  But, trekking through the clouds really was fun too!  We realised just how high up we were!DSC_0025DSC_0031DSC_0030DSC_0029
Another great adventure very close to our home!  Which reminds me, we are well overdue a trek!

Marcella xx

37 thoughts on “Seeing The City From Above

  1. Wow! Stunning views, beautifully captured !! I do like to look down to see the landscape from high above (definitely trekking is not for me) and I prefer to take a window seat in my flight journey!!

  2. I love the fact that nature and hiking is so close to y’all in Santiago! Unfortunately it’s not like that in Houston and it’s really flat here so I’m also jealous of you too! Walking through the clouds has got to be an amazing experience too!

  3. I love your beautiful green nature photos as usual 🙂 I have been super regular about posting on my blog this year, but previously going three weeks without a post was common practice lol. Sometimes it’s so good to take a break! And nice to know that readers will keep coming back afterwards 🙂

  4. Absolutely stunning. I love all the wildflowers and plants. And that fox is a cutie pie (don’t tell him I said that!) 😉

  5. Such great views of Santiago from way above! Although from how steep the terrain appears, it looks like the hike was a booty burner. Also, I’m curious about your sentence on seeing the fox in nature -> Is it normal to see foxes roaming the streets in London???

  6. Wow! Those views are something else. The words steep climb don’t usually fill me with joy but that’s some incentive right there! Walking through clouds must have been pretty cool. And refreshing, after a steep climb 🙂 I hope you manage another trek soon!

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