A Snowy Sunday in the Mountains

A Sunday in the snowy mountains is sometimes just what you need!

When Carlos suggested that we drive into the mountains on Sunday, of course I said yes!  Especially because the mountains have been full of snow in the past few weeks so I knew it would be extra special!  These mountains are around a two hour drive from Santiago, and the road leads to the Argentinian border.

Anyway, from the beginning.  As we left Santiago, the mountains around the city looked like this and I was in awe!DSC06317 DSC06320We drove to Los Andes, and then a little further up towards Portillo.  There was snow on the ground and the most amazing views ahead.DSC06344 DSC06348 DSC06351We wanted to get very close to the border of Argentina, as you get higher into the mountains which means more snow!  But, when we got there we realised the border was closed, which often happens during the winter when there is too much snow as it has a close for safety reasons.  I learnt that the hard way before, and got stuck in Argentina!  (post here)

But, it was actually a great thing (unless you actually needed to cross the border) as it meant that everyone had to park their cars, meaning we had the whole road to walk along, with no cars!DSC06356DSC06407DSC06408DSC06410And just look at these snowy mountains…DSC06368 DSC06370 DSC06371 And waterfalls too…DSC06375DSC06381DSC06361 DSC06377 DSC06378 DSC06379In some parts, the snow was much deeper than we thought!DSC06392 DSC06393DSC06423DSC06427What a dreamy way to spend a Sunday, and so close to home too 🙂  Next time, we need to get further into the mountains!

Been exploring anywhere locally recently?

Marcella xx

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42 thoughts on “A Snowy Sunday in the Mountains

    • The streets of Santiago look nothing like this, ha! This only looks like a winter wonderland because they were taken at the top of mountains, hehe! Down on flat land we still have days of 20c, and I’m not feeling like it’s a real winter!

  1. The photos of the snow covered mountains in the distance, as you drive along the highway, are amazing. Glad to see you enjoyed your sunday in the mountains.

  2. What a fun idea to celebrate the coming of winter, and I love that it is so close out of the city to do in a day trip! Wonderful :)) The silhouette of that mountain vista is absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Those pictures leaving Santiago are to die for. They seriously don’t even look real… in the BEST possible way!! It’s so incredible to think that you’re starting winter as I’m starting summer… I think I prefer your views (and temperatures) to mine right now! 😉

  4. This looks like the best Sunday giveaway! Since I live in a place that we really don’t get any snow at all, it’s been one of my dreams to visit somewhere with snow on the ground! I would be having the time of my life playing in the snow, just like you!

  5. Ah! All that snow caused me so much distress sitting here in Canada during our all too short summer, but those mountain photos definitely made up for it. The scenery is breathtaking and I can see why you jumped at the chance to visit.

  6. Reading about this in the summer is kind of jarring! But these photos, as always, are gorgeous! I would say that I can’t wait until ski season again… but I just weathered through a hell of a winter so I’ll take the heat for now 🙂

  7. your pictures are stunning! I’ve been exploring the deep south of the US alot while i’m living here. it has been sooooooo unbelievably hot here, so your picture of all the snow almost cool me off just by looking at them. 🙂

  8. It is interesting because you guys are moving into winter while we are moving into summer. Three weeks ago I visited the Sierra Nevada area and there is still some snow in the mountains. The snow melt was causing lots of small waterfalls. Anyway, I am up for the adventure of crossing to Argentina form Chile thru the mountains.

  9. Yay for snow around Santiago!! I love snow, but am glad that you have to go a ways outside of the city to find it 😀 This looks like so much fun and so different than my weekend! I was hiking mountains in a tank top sweating my butt off just a few hours away from you! Aren’t we lucky to have so many different things to choose from!

  10. what? whaaat? these photos are from this Sunday? and so much snow in June? gosh, send some here, it’s 40 C and going even hotter these days…

    you look very cute and happy and full of energy in the photos ♥

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