The Beauty of Looking Up

Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life” – Snoopy

Steps and Autumnal colours in Budapest, HungaryDSC_0017Library of Birmingham against a patterned sky in EnglandDSC_0026The bright pink Spring blossoms of LondonDSC00882Unique shapes at the Contemporary Art Centre in MarseilleDSC00540Through the looking glass at The Sky Garden in LondonDSC03063The iconic Colosseum in Rome, ItalyDSC_0104Gliding birds and sunrise over The Ganges, IndiaDSC_0120Look up to the balloons in Covent Garden, LondonDSC03984Travelling by rails in Valparaíso, ChileDSC04652Sheltering below the palm trees in Isla Tierra Bomba, ColombiaDSC04790Outside a church in Copacabana, BoliviaDSCF3763 Lights from above while eating Arabic food in Santiago, ChileDSC04996Stunning architecture in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDSCF2096Directions to show the way in Santiago, ChileDSC05651The eyes that look over The Kathmandu Valley in NepalDSC_0253Colours against the bright blue sky in Valparaíso, Chile DSC05932The most grand dining hall in The V&A, LondonDSC04140 Pretty balconies and flowers in Valparaíso, ChileDSC06006 The most beautiful colours of Autumn in Santiago, ChileDSC06230Mirrored buildings along The Thames, LondonDSC03777

Do you remember to look up?

Have a lovely weekend!

Marcella xx

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51 thoughts on “The Beauty of Looking Up

  1. I always do look up! In a recent trip to Thessaloniki in northern Greece I realized that I had missed out on so many beautiful buildings because all these years I wasn’t looking up!!

  2. I always try to look up and behind me as well. I get so focused sometimes to keep going forward I forget to look back, so I’m trying to get better at looking back because sometimes it offers a better angle. #WanderfulWednesday

  3. All of those pictures are so incredibly gorgeous! I especially love the one of the Contemporary Arts Center against that bright blue sky! It really is amazing what you can find if you just look up!

  4. It’s amazing how a photo’s perspective can be instantly uplifting! (Pun totally intended!) I feel really calm and content after scrolling through these photos – thanks!

  5. You always manage to capture things from the most beautiful perspectives! I love all of these photos and they’re all so unique. I try to look up as often as possible, almost too much sometimes as I end up walking into things! I used to get so mad in Madrid because there was always so much dog poop in the streets, which caused me to have to look down while walking haha .. After a few months I realized that I had missed so many beautiful balconies and buildings right in my own neighborhood! I made a point to look around and then stop and look up so I wouldn’t miss things anymore! haha 😀 Stunning photos as always!

    • Thanks so much, Lauren! Such a lovely comment 🙂 It’s so true that we often walk with our head down, or ahead or our head focusing on what’s coming next. I wanted to find these photos to remind us all to look up a little more and be in the moment 🙂

  6. Okay, I know I’ve said something like this before, but you are seriously one of my favorite photographer bloggers!! I could look at your photos for pages and pages. A great reminder to look up! (but living here, I’ve basically trained myself to – you miss so much if you don’t!)

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment, it seriously made my heart sing 🙂 So glad you enjoy looking at my photos, as I really love to take them! I also seem to look up lots more here in Santiago as I still have the feeling of it all being ‘new’, which is something I want to hold on to for as long as possible!

  7. After seeing your post, I think I do not look up enough. I have to remember to do that more often. It is funny because today I saw a post on Instagram with a comment similar to your post title. Love the initial quote!

  8. I LOVE keeping my eyes up and knew I would love this post, too!! I just have to be careful not to roll an ankle on cobblestone, usually! My tactic is to physically stop and look up, because if I am walking with my head in the clouds, all bad things happen. 😀 Love the link-up!

  9. I love this and have to admit I always go for the typical photo angles and am not the best at looking for alternative angles or ways to see things. your pics look great! 🙂

  10. I tend to take pictures looking up because oftentimes it’s the only way to crop out hoards of tourists from my photos but looking at your pics above, you’d never know there was anyone else around. So pretty.

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