The Colours of Autumn in Santiago

On Sunday, we woke up to the sun streaming through the blinds.  Just like the Sunday before, it was a beautifully bright Autumnal morning.  I pulled up the blinds and saw the brightest blue sky, Autumn coloured leaves and the mountains were on full show, just look at them.DSC06226I lingered a little longer in the world’s most comfortable rocking chair with the doors wide open and felt the sun on my back, I basked in it like a tired cat.DSC06225

Just six months ago I wrote about Autumn in London, and now six months later, I’m here to share tales of Autumn in Santiago.  I left England at the end of Autumn, meaning I skipped to Spring in Chile then got to have a reaaaaally long Chilean Summer… Now, back to Autumn again and a big cheer for having missed winter for a year and a half!DSC06244Anyway, Autumn in Santiago has brought with it a fair amount of rain and of course Those Floods.  Which means, on a sunny Autumn day, you have to make the most of being outdoors.  I walked around my local area finding every colour of Autumn against the bright blue backdrop.  It was definitely too warm for a coat, and it felt like I had the streets to myself as Sundays are always peaceful.DSC06228DSC06241 DSC06229DSC06233As I wandered, I still felt confused by the fact that it’s Autumn in May and that Christmas is very far away despite the fact that it feels like it’s just around the corner as the weather cools down and winter fruits appear in the markets.DSC06230 DSC06231DSC06235DSC06236But, rather than worry about which month it was and why I was still thinking I was in the Northern Hemisphere timings, I took in all of the colours around me and snapped away, looking up at every tree and admiring how many colours surrounded me.DSC06238DSC06232 DSC06240DSC06234DSC06242 DSC06243DSC06246Is Autumn not just the most colouring bursting season?  Or maybe, you could say the same about every season.

Which season are you basking in?

Marcella xx

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44 thoughts on “The Colours of Autumn in Santiago

  1. Marcella, very nice information. I just Googled it and have found that Chili enjoys some seven climatic types and Santiago enjoys Mediterranean climatic type. Wow, it seems amazing that when its summer here you’re going to embrace winter.
    What’s the minimum temperature in winter and how hot in summer?

    • Thanks, so glad you enjoyed the post! Due to Chile being crazily long, it really does have so many climates, it’s insane. Here in Santiago, the maximum temperature is around 36 in the summer, but I’d say an average day is between 30-32 and during the winter the coldest is probably 0, but it warms up a lot more in the summer to probably around 10 but usually more 🙂 I like the weather here!

  2. I am from the U.S. but have lived in Australia since late 2008. The “opposite” seasons still confuse me a little. It is autumn here too and cooler temps have arrived. Like many of these pictures, we have gorgeous blue skies that serve as magnificent backdrops for the Autumn leaves. Enjoy your Autumn in May as I will mine!

  3. What stunning colours! I love Autumn in the UK but it looks even more spectacular in Chile. It’s so wonderful to see such beautiful Autumnal colours from the other side of the world.
    I’m so enjoying reading all the blog posts on #WanderfulWednesdays. Thank you SO very much for making my post about Sintra one of your favourites.

  4. All of the colors of Autumn are so pretty in Santiago! That’s too funny that you’re already having another fall so close after the last one, but it definitely seems like it’s a lot warmer than an English fall considering your don’t need a jacket!

  5. Autumn colours are AMAZING! It’s so strange to think that our summer is just starting in Canada but that summer has already finished in the Southern Hemisphere!

  6. And here I was thinking you were sharing a post from way back last year 😀 Still seems so strange, yet fascinating to me that there’s autumn in the southern hemisphere now! I absolutely can’t wait for summer to arrive in the Arctic 😀 Beautiful pictures!

  7. Lucky you for skipping winter for a year an a half!!! haha. And I bet it must be super confusing for it to be cold during our “summer”. Makes it for the perfect excuse to have Christmas in July!

    • I did well, didn’t I?! We actually did a Christmas in July event when I lived in Santiago before which was so fun as Christmas in the Summer really just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me! I think we will do one again this year because, why not? 🙂

  8. Enjoy your autumn, girl!! You deserved it after so long 🙂 As I’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere, I can’t imagine it being fall when Christmas is not around the corner. That thought is just boggling my mind right now, haha

  9. Gosh – with the mountains in the background as well and the beautiful blue sky of south america, this is the loveliest way to view autumn (Even though I’m in the UK still waiting for summer!) Oh and you are right… I’m loving this link up – my Wednesday are filled with so much inspiration and wanderlust now!! Hoping to add to it soon too.

  10. I could do with skipping a winter! It feels like it still hasn’t ended here in the UK…! Those colours are absolutely beautiful, and I love the look of those quiet and peaceful streets. What a lovely place you live in!

  11. a friend of mine is nannying in Australia and she was just telling me yesterday how chilly it’s starting to get down there! I’m eager for summer to start here in the states, but I think autumn is by far the prettiest season!

  12. My favourite season has been autumn since I first experienced it over a decade ago in Stockholm. Beautiful photos. It’s the tropical monsoon season here now and this year, it has been quite nasty with flooding and landslides.

  13. Feeling very similar to you these days … a little confused about fall in May! And now it’s June and just getting colder! – Still feels a bit wrong. But I have to admit that the fall colors help it feel more acceptable in my eyes! hehe They are amazing here! You captured them so beautifully! Hopefully now we can get some more bright sunny days to be able to enjoy them!! 😀

  14. How lovely! I haven’t seen beautiful autumn colors like that for yeeeears. I wish I could just have autumn and spring year round, but unfortunately, the places I choose to live in means summer year round, haha! But how nice that the weather is cooling down!

    • I bet!! Although summer all round is definitely not a bad thing. It’s funny because everyone here is saying about how ‘freezing’ it is, while it’s just fine for me. Coming from the UK gives your body a different thermostat than Chileans, ha 😉

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