Finding Beauty in the Everyday

We can travel hundreds and thousands of miles in search of beauty.  Pining after those golden sanded beaches, the snowiest mountains and the clearest water.  In search of jungles, rain forests, deserts and glaciers.  Finding the most beautiful looking buildings, the best kept secrets of a town or that famous landmark.

Sometimes we forget, that beauty is all around us and sometimes, we just have to look a bit closer.  My camera always helps me see the beautiful things that surround us each and everyday.

I took all of these photos in the last six months

The details of flowersDSC_0009Shiny horses found while biking around Peñaflor one FridayDSC04227Creatures that can often be missed DSC04255The unnoticed patterns of leavesDSC05012Looking up to beautiful flowers against a blue sky DSC05506Unexpected, colourful street art brightening up a facadeDSC06077Autumn berries just starting to ripen DSC05599The beauty of clouds as they look different each and every day DSC05671 Patterns in the sandDSC05714 A drop of water on newly yellow leavesDSC05773 The shadows of flowers outside a house DSC06050 The shapes and lines on an artichoke DSC06060  The beautiful colours of a vegan restaurantDSC06078 The shapes and colours of the juiciest pomegranateDSC06174The colours and shapes only seen when you look upDSC04605Palm tree reflections on peaceful waterDSC04928A spirally napkinDSC05002Where do you find beauty everyday?

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!!

Marcella xx

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13 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in the Everyday

  1. I love flowers and taking pictures of them. I also look at the beauty of old houses. Athens has an abundance of them!

  2. I just love, love, love the hoto of the palm tree reflections on calm water ♥
    so true, Marcella, sometimes you don’t have to travel for days to find sometthing fascinating, sometimes beauty lies just outside the front door and it is up to us to see it 🙂

  3. I love this so much! First because it’s so true, there is so beauty in the every day and in the details of life, and two because your photos are absolutely gorgeous!x

  4. Awwww I love posts like this Marcella! Since I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve barely even taken any pictures, and haven’t even turned on my real camera. I don’t consider KL to be a pretty “photo-worthy” city, but your posts like this inspires me to look hard to find beauty in everyday things about me. Maybe I will start to bring my camera around and make my own post like this! x

  5. This is a fantastic post and a great reminder to keep an eye out for the “little” things in life that make it so beautiful!

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