Charming St Ives

St Ives; charming, colourful and creative.

The part of town close to the water is made up of short, steep streets, some cobbled and some not, that wind into each other. The streets are lined with coloured doors, leading to homes or holiday cottages each with individual names, tea rooms serving cream tea, cute gift shops and artist’s studios. We spent a part of everyday on our trip to St Ives, wandering the streets and being totally charmed by them all, despite the fact that we walked down many of the same streets more than once, the beauty of them didn’t tire. I also absolutely loved that the shops and eateries were either independent or local chains, I only saw a handful of chains that I recognised.  So, take a walk…

DSC03554DSC03422 DSC03423 DSC03425 DSC03426 DSC03540 DSC03541 DSC03542

Which places have charmed you with their wonderful streets?

Marcella xx

6 thoughts on “Charming St Ives

  1. St.Ives is a wonderful place. However in the summer the same cannot be said unfortunately, as tourists cram the streets with their oversized ice creams and brightly coloured lifeguard hoodies. I’m from Cornwall 🙂 it’s great to see people post blog entries of places in Cornwall.

  2. I always think European streets (the cobbled ones) are adorable. I was also charmed with the streets in Mexico. Quaint is the word to describe the streets in most of their colonial towns. Beautiful pics you took!

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