Multicoloured {A Collaborative Post}

Colour is something that you notice when you travel; the colour of the sky, the colour of the fresh food, the colour of the art and the colour of the clothes.  Market stalls burst with colours while street art pops out from different corners.

For today’s post, I asked you to share a multicoloured travel photo with me, from around the world. Here are the beautiful shots that were sent to me, so take a little multicoloured trip around the world through these photographs:

Marudamalai in Coimbatore, India by Shraddha ~ Streettrotter

“Marudamalai is a popular hill temple dedicated to Hindu god Murugan, situated near CoimbatoreTamil NaduIndiaimage1

A Multicoloured Hippo in Marseille, France by Pepemarsella2

St Pancras Station, London, England by Steve

Chromolocomotion by David Batchelor was exhibited in St Pancras Station in April 2014.”

Multicoloured Stairs in Valparaiso, Chile by Ali ~ The Wandering FelineMulti Coloured stairs

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul by Jessi ~ Two Feet, One World

“Here is my shot taken in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  I was already in awe of the beautiful colours of the pottery, scarves and weaving that we’d seen, and then I stumbled across this lamp stall.  I truly wanted to take them all home – so vibrant and fun!  Sadly as we were just beginning our holiday I had to content myself with taking lots of photographs, but I’ll be back for one, one day!”IMG_1927 - Version 2

A Multicoloured Door Frame in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Clemimg_11491The Colourful Ceiling of a Temple, Close to Siem Reap, Cambodia by me.

The first thing I noticed when entering this temple were the bright colours.  It gave an instant happy feeling.  The ceiling was painted with gorgeous, bright colours and the pillars were painted with twisting colours.  I took this photo using my fish eye lens as I wanted to get a wide angle shot.DSC_0124

Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market, Bangkok, Thailand by Zibi

“Taken in Bangkok at Pak Khlong Talat (market at the mouth of the canal) flower market on my last day. I will never forget the lovely floral scent and vibrant colours of the market.  Several stalls in the market sell phuang malai (flower garlands) like the ones shown in this picture.  The market has been cited as a “place of symbolic value” to Bangkok residents, I too came to view it as such, as I bid farewell to Bangkok with my very own garland from this beautiful traditional market.”S0529390

Colourful Buildings in Wroclaw, Poland by Anna ~ Slightly Astraycolorful buildings in Wrocalw, Poland (1)

Colourful Hats on a Market Stall in Marrakech, Morocco by Claire ~ Purpleclaire Textiles DSCN0422

Brighton Bathing Boxes, Victoria, Australia by Abby ~ Abby’s RoadIMG_8261

Colourful Souvenirs in Beijing, China by Sebastian ~  sjeyre


Thanks so much to the bloggers, friends and family who contributed to my multicoloured post, it was great to see a glimpse into your travel memories through these photos 😀

Marcella xx


13 thoughts on “Multicoloured {A Collaborative Post}

  1. Thanks so much for including my photo with this beautiful collection. All this colour is a great way to start the day and I’m feeling inspired just looking at them… I really have to go back to Siem Reap to see that temple!! Amazing.

  2. I love this post! Colours attract me all the time when I travel. Normally not a shopper, I become one when I travel due to this fact alone. The pics from the Grand Bazaar drive me nuts… I want them all.

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