{Saturday Breakfast} Pan y Palta

Pan y Palta: Bread and avocado, is popular at any time of the day in Chile; breakfast, as a snack or for once (Chilean teatime).  When living in Chile I ate avocado ALL the time.  It’s really cheap, compared to here in the UK, as it’s grown in Chile and you can buy it ripe and ready to eat or unripe, ready to ripen at home.

In the UK it’s difficult to find the perfect palta; even when it is sold as ripe, it usually isn’t at all ready.  That’s why whenever we find the perfect ripeness of avocado, we by it!  And that happened yeserday which meant that this morning’s breakfast was pan y palta.

Cut the avocado in half, cut out the stone and scoop out the fruit.  Mash it on a plate and then you could add tomato too.  Simply delicious!DSC01642 DSC01643DSC01646 DSC01647DSC01645DSC01644
See… I told you I love avocado!  Even a wheelbarrow full wasn’t enough!
DSC_0620Happy Weekend!

Marcella xxx

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