Chilean Seafood Salad :: Ensalada de Machas

Chile has a Huuuuge coastline, which means it has an abundance of deliciously fresh seafood.  And of course, fresh is always best. However, when bringing seafood from Chile to the UK… it has to be in a tin, which is … Continue reading

A Vegan Christmas

“What do you eat at Christmas?”  is a common question I am asked when I tell people I don’t eat meat. This year my family and I followed recipes from Abel and Cole, everything of which was vegan, and cooked … Continue reading

Pasta Mia!

Once you make your own pasta at home, you’ll never want to buy it again.  DSC00402

The fresh, light taste is like no other.

To make this pasta, for four people, you will need:

– A pasta machine

-125g of plain ’00’ flour

-175g of semolina

– A pinch of salt

– 3 large eggs/ 4 small eggs

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil


Off we go….

1. By hand, mix the flour and semolina together and make a well

2. Crack your eggs into the wellImage

3. Add your pinch of salt and olive oilImage

4. Mix the egg with the semolina and flour

5. Knead the dough until soft


6. Pass the dough through your pasta machine.  You’ll need to pass it through nine times until it’s really thin.  Turn the number on the pasta machine down every time you pass the dough through so it gets thinner and thinner.


You now have what you need to make lasagne or cannelloni sheets.  If you want to make spaghetti, keep going…

7. Pass the dough through the spaghetti cutting part of the machine and hang up to dry for ten minutes ImageImageDSC00397

8. Boil and serve with a sauce of your choice, my favourite is homemade pesto.  Sprinkle with parmesan and phone your friends/ family to come over quickly!

Buon appetito!
Marcella xo

Queridos Empanaditos

One of the best things about living in Chile is having an empanada from a local shop after wandering around in Valparaiso for instance, those delicious pastries traditionally filled with onions, meat, black olives and eggs (empanadas de pino). There are also vegetarian options with cheese and/or spinach.  You can have them fried or out of the oven and for all occasions! If you drive to the ocean there, you’ll find the empanadas filled with seafood (mariscos) and cheese…so delish! Even though, I used to call them empanaditos which made my friends laugh out loud everytime, they are my favourite!

When I left Chile for the first time, I received a very special recipe as a farewell present. It was taken from a magazine published in 1984 and covered with erasures and personal corrections. So when I came back home, I used my special recipe to make empanaditos for my family!

Voilà! They were gone very fast and their familiar taste brought me back to Chile!





Bon appétit!

Clem xxx