Why to Love Valparaíso, Chile

It’s no secret that I love the city of Valparaíso!  Valpo is a colourful, vibrant and delightfully charming port city just over 100km from Santiago, and a city that I don’t think I will ever tire of visiting.

Which is why, two weeks ago, Carlos and I spent the weekend there to celebrate six years together.

So, what is so amazing about Valparaíso?

The views 

Lots of Valpo is built on hills, when means the views from both the top and the bottom (looking up) are pretty special.  Especially if you get a bright, blue skied day like we did.  The port glowed from the hills as we gazed down at the bright sky and sparse clouds, and it really enhanced the rainbow of colours from all of the houses.DSC06047DSC06026DSC06017DSC05931DSC06049DSC06025

The houses

Valparaíso is a photography lover’s paradise because with every corner you turn, you see something to make you want to whip your camera out.  Especially with windows and doors that look like this.  Houses are made up of every colour and range from peeling paint work to freshly painted, creating the perfect balance!  Don’t forget to look up and admire the stunning facades that are on display all over the city.  The only tricky thing is to decide which one you would most like to live in… or dine in that evening.DSC05926DSC06052DSC06009DSC06050DSC06041DSC06031DSC06013DSC06006DSC05932DSC05987DSC05945DSC05939

The alleyways

You can never tire of Valparaíso as there is always a tiny alley way that you haven’t seen before that leads to somewhere new.  And, seeing as they are usually art lined, they can never really disappoint!  Especially if you head out early on Sunday morning, like we did, as you feel you have the whole city to yourself to explore and wander.DSC06023DSC05983DSC05984DSC05973

The quirky

There are always surprises in Valparaíso, and pleasant ones at that!  Surprises like these, that make you stop for a minute and wonder why…DSC05972DSC05938

The street art

I saved the best until last because of course, Valpo is known for it’s abundance of incredible street art.  Street art literally lines every pavement and it’s art of the very highest quality.  No matter how many times I go, it never ceases to amaze me as it creates such a happy and colourful atmosphere.      DSC06037DSC06024DSC06022 DSC06021DSC06007DSC06000 DSC05989DSC05981 DSC05978 DSC05977DSC05970 DSC05969DSC05942DSC05936 DSC05934

So, Valpo!  That is why I love you so ❤

Oh, and did you see my post about a brand new blog link-up that I am co-hosting?!  Check it out and get linking up next Wednesday.

Marcella xx

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22 thoughts on “Why to Love Valparaíso, Chile

  1. Valpo still has my heart 100% – it’s the one place I always tell the Brit I want him to see when we go to Chile…though there is many other beautiful/interesting places, but Valpo is so special!!x

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