9.00: Strawberries and Orange is the New Black in bed.DSC01648DSC01650

11.00:  Brunch time and lunch preparation.DSC01651

12.00:  A run followed by some yoga stretches.DSC01652

1.30:  Lunch; pureed brown lentils, butternut squash, mushrooms and potatoes. Served with cous cous and parsley.DSC01653

2.00:  A bath to soothe sore running muscles.DSC01657

3.30:  An afternoon walk in the sun, followed by an ice-cream.DSC01658DSC01661

5.30:  Getting home just as the thunder began.  Doing mandalas with some herbal tea.DSC01664 DSC01662

7.00:  Preparing pizza from scratch.DSC01666 DSC01667

How was your Sunday?

Marcella xx



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