Sunday snaps from Chile

Today, like every Sunday, Santiago closes some of its main roads to cars, leaving the way free for bicycles and other wheels! It was a great occasion for me to go on a ride to the Parque Bicentenario, one of the newest park in Santiago.

I was happy not to be the only one to make the most of it! Indeed, those roads were full of bicycles, roller blades and skate boards users. It was so nice!

My friends here told me about a new bakery that opened right next to the park, so I ended up there to do my shopping for a picnic in the park!

It is a French bakery called “Metissage” that offers a wide range of my favourite pastries and breads! I was so excited! Their brioche is SO DELISH, you would ride your bike for an hour to have some too!

I found a good spot for my picnic blanket, with a view on the Andes and Santiago skyline. The highest tower, the Costanera Center, is now open and hosts a gigantic shopping centre!

Autumn is colourful and sunny here in Chile!

IMG_2119 IMG_2121 IMG_2122 IMG_2123 IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2135 IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2140 IMG_2142 IMG_2143 IMG_2145 IMG_2148

I hope you had a great sunday too!

Clem xx


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