Lovely Letters

Happy Friday!  Who doesn’t love the feeling of picking up the post and seeing a handwritten letter waiting for you?  It’s much nicer than the pizza leaflets that usually fill up our post box.

I began writing to my penpal when I was ten and we still write to each other, that’s 16 years of happy letter writing!  Today I sat down to write letters to some of my friends; two who have just moved house within England, one penpal reply, one to Clem to just say ‘hola’ (watch out Clem!) and one to a friend who has just moved to a new country.

When I write I also like to make the envelope pretty too!  So I use stickers and tape to jazz up plain envelopes.  Don’t forget to use different coloured pens too.

Do you write letters?

DSC01552 DSC01553 DSC01554 DSC01555 DSC01557 DSC01563

Have a great weekend!

DSC01549Marcella xx


3 thoughts on “Lovely Letters

  1. I love writing letters! You’re right. It’s better to get a handwritten letter than some advertisements or bills.
    Wow, it’s great to see that you’ve kept your pen pal for so long 🙂 Right on!

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