Paper Butterflies

Spring is on it’s way!


Spring is all about pretty colours and new life.  If you’re lucky you begin to see butterflies floating around, if not you can make some of your own!


To make these butterflies, you will need:

  • Two A4 pages from a magazine/ craft paper
  • Scissors
  • A piece of ribbon, string or yarn
  • Ten minutes

Pick two magazine pages or any pretty A4 paper you have at home.  Even the most simple of pages can turn into a butterfly, it’s fun to see how they turn out…


Fold one of the pages in half.


Cut around the corners of the page.Image

Re-open out the page and then being to fold the paper up in a concertina style.  Fold in towards the fold.Image

You should end up with this.  Put this page to one side.Image

Cut the other page into a square.Image

Again, fold up the paper using concertina style.  This time fold inwards diagonally.ImageImage

Put your first page underneath your second page and squeeze them both in the middle.  Tie together with a piece of string or ribbon.ImageImageImageImage

Happy making!

Marcella xx

p.s Which other paper crafts do you like to do?

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