A glimpse through a fish eye lens

Last summer I was given a fish eye attachable lens as a birthday gift.  Photographing through a fish eye lens makes you see images in an interesting way and it’s really fun to see how the photos turn out.  You are able to fit more into the frame and distort edges too. I found that it made me look at taking photographs from different angles too.

Here are a few of my favourites…

Last summer we had the best summer in 6 years, it was gloriously hot and sunny for weeks on end…


^^ Strawberry plants^^


^^Hummus and salad and Pimms ready for a summer BBQ^^Image

^^ Experimenting with different angles, I love how the lens distorts the edges^^ImageImageImageImage

^^Ethiopian food at Brick Lane Sunday Up market^^Image

^^At the Olympic Stadium in London watching the Anniversary games^^Image

^^A colourful temple in Cambodia^^Image

^^At the beach in Cambodia^^Image

^^A view from The Shard^^


^^Temple in Cambodia^^

Have you ever used a fish eye lens?

Marcella xx

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