The Extraordinary Ordinary

Not a few hours go by when I don’t think or say something about my new surroundings.  The sky is so blue today, the clouds are so high up, look at those beautiful flowers, I still can’t believe I am starting at The Andes… Despite the fact I have lived in Chile before, everything still has that new, exciting feeling about it.  DSC04196

When I get the bus into Santiago (we are staying with Carlos’ family 30mins from Santiago at the moment), I sit for the whole journey with my face stuck to the window.  Looking as the different mountains change from green to snow, staring at the houses that I pass and admiring the street art.  Most other passengers see these sights everyday, so instead they are asleep, on their mobile or listening to music.  DSC04186

So that got me thinking, when does the extraordinary become the ordinary?  When will I forget to notice the mountains, when will the blue sky become the norm?  I’d like to think it won’t, but of course, I didn’t look in amazement at The Shard that I saw everyday on my commute to work, neither did I stop and stare at The London Eye every time I saw it, but millions of people travel thousands of miles to see these landmarks… so when does the extraordinary become the ordinary, or does it have to?DSC04195

What do you think?

Marcella xx

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15 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Ordinary

  1. I don’t think we ever need see the extraordinary as ordinary, but it does takes a particular state of mind (or character) to enjoy everyday things. I especially like the passion flower picture!

  2. Oh this is so hard! Well hard in a non hard way haha it’s super to have that luxury isn’t it? I feel the same in Scotland, but I try to appreciate it on my commute every day when I get to see the mountains. I try to take myself out of my routine and realise every morning that it’s pretty damn lucky and beautiful 🙂 It’s an important part of my expat experience in all honesty and I recommend it 🙂 xx

    • That’s so lovely to hear 🙂 I think we should all aim to do that, whether we are at home or away, it’s just much “easier” to do it when we are in a new place or away on holiday. But noticing the little (and big) things is such a great way to keep positive and feel humbled, I think xx

  3. I have been living in Santiago for 1.5 years and I still love this sight of the Andes and when I travel, like you, I have my face plastered to the window! I especially love the Andes in winter when they are topped with snow 🙂

  4. Good question :). I’ve been meeting with local Taiwanese people and whenever I mention to them that their temples are so cool with all the colorful dragons, or their night markets are so fun, they’ll be like… really? It’s special? guess I’m just used to it. I think you definitely do get used to things after a point, but it’s also what you choose to make out of what you see!

    • So interesting, right? I took a photo of a gorgeous pink sunset and showed Carlos’ mum who asked me where I took it. When I told her that I took it at the end of her road, she couldn’t believe it and said it looked like a different country. It made me realise that all of these amazing details are always there, we just have to see them! I have to say that blogging has definitely helped me to see the everyday beauty too 🙂

  5. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! Maybe the extraordinary becomes ordinary once you really start to get into the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the normalcy of own lives that we forget to notice the “little” things in life like the London Eye or the blue sky or extraordinary mountains.

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