Skipping The Seasons

London was filled with every shade of orange. The paths and pavements coated in crunchy, crispy leaves. The air felt cooler, with days of bright sunshine followed by days of thick fog. Scarves were retrieved from the back of wardrobes, as window displays twinkled with the promise of the arrival of Christmas. The days became shorter, as hot chocolate was brewed and heating turned on for the first time. That was 3photo 1photo 4photo 2 photo 5

Santiago is alternating between days filled with sunshine and blue sky, teamed with days with more wind in the air, and the need for a thin cardigan. Fragrant flowers are in full bloom, and trees filled with sweet fruit. Sunglasses and sandals are retrieved from the back of wardrobes, as window displays brim with bright clothes with the promise of the arrival of Summer. The days are becoming longer, as ice-cream is eaten and windows are opened. This is Spring.
DSC04147 DSC04149 DSC04146DSC04156

Apricots, which should be ready to eat within the next month.

The juiciest lemons that we’ve been having with our salad everyday.
DSC04152 DSC04153 DSC04154 DSC04155
These are teeny, tiny grapes which will be full size soon:

Plums:DSC04165 DSC04158 DSC04160DSC04166 DSC04167 DSC04170 DSC04172 I’ve skipped from beautiful Autumn in London to beautiful Spring in Santiago, which feels like Summer to me, as it seems to be getting hotter each day. My Spring photos were taken in Carlos’ mum’s garden, which is just outside of Santiago and is an oasis of colour and fragrance.

Which season are you currently enjoying?

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Marcella xx

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20 thoughts on “Skipping The Seasons

  1. Gorgeous photography! You should enter them in some contest:) I’m enjoying autumn now. It’s a bit foggy and chilly today, but we’ve had a lot of sunshine until recently:)) And they say we’ll have more sunny days ahead:)

  2. I’m supposedly enjoying autumn in Athens, but today the temperature reached 25 degrees Celcius, so I’m not sure!! Lovely photos from both seasons Marcella!

  3. That must have been so strange to skip from autumn to spring!! Does it take awhile to get used to having different weather associated with different holidays or other events of the year? But hey…. maybe you lucked out in this case 🙂

  4. We recently moved from Okinawa, Japan to Georgia in the states. In Okinawa, we barely saw seasons (unless you count hot and hotter)… now, Georgia is starting to get cooler and, although we still missed the leaves changing, it’s been a welcomed transition to cooler weather. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do love autumn, but I would rather be in warmer weather in Santiago! Such gorgeous photos are always… It’s not so much autumn in London now but more drizzly and windy! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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