London Favourites {Collaborative Post}

As part of my Let’s Get Nostalgic about London recent posts {Evidence here, here and here} I asked some lovely bloggers and friends to write about their favourite place or aspect in/of London.  It’s so interesting how people love different things in a city and how a city means lots of different things to different people.  Here’s what they said…

The Tea by Mani ~ A New Life Wandering

 I have never been a coffee drinker (except for every now and then), but tea… tea is my absolute favorite. I also love that there are different kinds with different amounts of caffeine perfect for any time of day. I love that in London having tea is like a religion. It’s the first thing you are offered as a sign of hospitality and it simply tastes good. I love the history behind it and of course I adore that tea goes so well with biscuits, cakes and sandwiches! Having tea, or tea time it’s an absolute small pleasure of life that brings contentment to oneself as well as it brings people together. Tea time, I feel, forces one to relax, to stop time and enjoy, to not be in a hurry, to savor and to slow down from the fast pace of life.

afternoon tea 7614962_10151106549222831_1451535229_o

Southwark by Anna ~ Aspects of Style

My favorite area in London is hands down Southwark. This area includes many spots that I like, such as the Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral and Tate Modern. Whenever I visit (and it is sunny) I like to walk all the way from Tower Bridge up to Tate Modern. When I have the time I like to visit the gallery as well; there’s always an exhibition going on and if not, the permanent collection is always shuffled and update and never disappoints.DSC_0248

Fireworks Night by Ali

Although the colder months in London are nothing to get excited about the end of the year is by far my favourite! I love the lead up to Christmas and all the festivities in between. One particular highlight is definitely fireworks night. The pretty bright lights, hats and gloves, oohs and ahhhs of the crowds and of course the hot chocolate! I have been to the Crystal Palace firework display the most over the years as it’s always busy and has a fun fair too – another of my favourites things! I don’t have as many images as I thought of the fireworks (which is probably because I get consumed in watching them -the display only lasts 15 minutes!) but I already can’t wait for it this year! imageimage-1

The Literature by Camila ~ Adventitious Violet

When Marcella asked me to contribute with my favourite aspect of London, literature quickly came to mind! From David Copperfield, to Harry Potter, to Sherlock Holmes, to Bridget Jones, to Peter Pan, so many things remind me of London and make me the excited literary geek that I am. From museums, to studios, to pubs, to statues, there is a whole literary pilgrimage to be done through London. My favourite spot I visited recently? Definitely the studios of Harry Potter, which brought my favourite childhood books to life!literary london

Sadler’s Wells Theatre // Contemporary Dance Venue by Sara ~ Simply Sara Travel

I have a specific check-list of things to do when I book a trip to London. First is to secure transportation. Next item is to find an Airbnb apartment for my accommodations. And once that has been settled, the last step is to see if anything is playing at the Sadler’s Wells theater.

I first found this contemporary dance venue on a trip to London with my husband six years ago. The show we purchased tickets for was a hip-hop rendition of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – a quirky concept, yes. Traditionally I prefer ballet and dance performances, and my husband would rather see an opera or classical musical production. Sadler’s Wells proved that night to be a unifying venue, as we both were entertained and loved the show. Since then we’ve seen things like a contemporary dance production of Romeo and Juliet and A Streetcar Named Desire told through ballet. My take-away is that you can’t go wrong with a show at Sadler’s Wells and if it sounds odd, it will be spectacular. Many people talk about the wonderful theater that can be found in London, but I look forward to the dance!


Architecture by Clem

I remember when I lived in London, I would always prefer walking over taking the bus or the underground!  This way I could wander around and look at the buildings, taking mental pictures of the most beautiful and discovering new ones each time!  My favourite thing in London is to go to Tate Modern just to go up the building to see the view of the city, or to go to Hampstead Heath park to see the view of the London skyline from far away.DSC03765

And finally, my own favourite is…Brick Lane and Shoreditch

Choosing a favourite place or thing about London is so tough but I’ve chosen to highlight a place that I just keep going back to. You know it’s a great place, when you want to take all of your visitors to see it! Shoreditch is a cool area of East London that is brimming with street art, independent shops, market stalls and quirky coffee shops. Walking along Brick Lane during the week is a pretty quiet experience, however if you go on Sunday you’ll know what I’m talking about! On Sunday, there are street food stalls for as far as the eye can see as well as markets just for food from literally every corner of the world. People are dressed in bright colours, sipping fresh juice and balancing a plate of food in their other hand. Photographers snap away at the street art on display and the atmosphere is buzzing!DSC03242Thanks so much to those of you who contributed 😀  Don’t forget to check out their wonderful travel and lifestyle blogs for more of their great adventures and photos.

What’s your favourite thing about London? Or, the place in London that you’d love to see?

Have a great week! Marcella xx

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11 thoughts on “London Favourites {Collaborative Post}

  1. I’ve visited London so many times and I had afternoon tea only once! But it was sooo good!! Also can you believe I’ve never been to Shoreditch or Brick Lane? I’ve only passed once from the area by car on my way to Wapping…next time I visit London I have to make a pact with myself: visit new areas only!

  2. This was so fun to read and see what others love about London! I’ve never heard of Fireworks Night – that sounds so cool to experience. And I’m with you on Shoreditch – I could just walk around for hours looking at the street art! Thanks for including my contribution in this post! 🙂

  3. I have been to London many years ago and unfortunately, it was such a short visit. Perhaps next time when I’m in London, I should try their scones and afternoon tea experience 🙂

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