Four Things From Four Years {by Carlos}

As Carlos and I get ready to move to Chile, I thought it’d be fun to get his thoughts on his four years living in the UK.

Four things you thought about the UK before you arrived:

  • That British people were polite and punctual
  • That people wouldn’t jay walk
  • Grey skies
  • Urban and built up

Four first impressions of the UK:

  • Green
  • Busy
  • Houses without fences and door or window protection, which every single house in Chile has!
  • There are coffee shops everywhere!

Four favourite places visited in the UK:

  • Greenwich in London especially the park and the market
  • The Peak District
  • Edinburgh
  • St Ives, CornwallDSC01958DSC03392

Four things about British people:

  • Females don’t always wear many clothes to go out even when it’s freezing cold outside!
  • There are so many different styles of dress (for good and for bad!)
  • You never know how to say hi – handshake, hug, kiss or nothing #awkward
  • For Brits, one pint is nothing, unless that’s for a mid-morning break!

Four British food/ drink that you love:

  • Fish & Chips, which must include malt vinegar and tartar sauce
  • A pint of ale
  • Scones with jam and cream
  • Yorkshire puddingsDSC01918 DSC_0872

Four new words or sayings that you’ve learnt in the UK:

  • Mate
  • Bugger!
  • Gobbledygook
  • Pulling his/her leg

Four things about British weather:

  • Sunbathing is a national sport, including guys walking around topless in city centres
  • Grey
  • Unpredictable
  • The perfect ice breaker in any conversationDSC_0129

Four things I’ve learnt:

  • There is good quality, free education and health
  • The UK is really multicultural
  • Europe is tiny!
  • People are really into cyclingDSC_0075

Four places you didn’t visit but you wanted to (or that we’ll fit in in the next few weeks!):

  • Brighton
  • York
  • Scottish Highlands
  • A Premiership football game between two of the top four teams

Do any of these sound familiar?  What have you learnt about the place you live?

Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to follow along on Bloglovin’ 😀

Marcella xx

24 thoughts on “Four Things From Four Years {by Carlos}

  1. Loved this post! I was so confused about what a pudding was when I first got to the UK for my workstay. There were yorkshire puddings in the freezer, and I of course was expecting the sweet creamy American pudding (like a custard) and was like…. “WHAT is this”. I imagine they’re really good when eaten with the right foods though.
    I guess you two have a lot to do now in your last few weeks! That should be fun 🙂

  2. Great post and nice to see it from a Chilean’s point of view. This was a really interesting read for someone who’s from the UK but has been living in Chile for the last 4 months! Totally agree on the 4 foods/drinks, those are things I’m really missing here. And I would definitely recommend visiting York if you can (they really love cycling there too), it’s a beautiful city that’s nice to just wander around, and you can even walk around the city walls.

    I thought the “not jaywalking” thing was quite hilarious, I never really understood what it meant until I got to Chile and had to bluntly ask what it meant. I was walking around with an American friend, and just crossed the road (looking both ways first, obviously!) cause we needed to be on the other side. She was surprised I just crossed and called me a jaywalker. I said I just call it crossing the road!! Never realised it was such a no-no in other countries because I was just taught to safely cross from a young age.

    Only just discovered your blog but I’m excited to read more 🙂

    • Thanks so much 😀 I really like York too but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit in a visit to show Carlos before we move to Chile.
      Jaywalking is so funny, isn’t it? It’s so normal for us Brits but Carlos said potentially you can get a fine for doing it in Chile! He said he’s never actually known it to happen, but yeah – jaywalking is a no go.
      Hope you are enjoying your time in Chile?! 😀

      • I just looked out the window and had a sudden realisation… maybe “jaywalking” isn’t as common/not allowed here because the roads are all on a grid system, so wherever you’re going will actually have a crossing. At home most roads don’t have crossings, so you just have to cross them safely based on your own judgement.

        Loving my time in Chile! I’m trying to get out and explore more but finding it very difficult. Lots of things have been shut as it’s winter, but I’ve managed to have plenty of adventures along the way. Looking forward to the nicer weather! I also love how friendly, relaxed and helpful everyone is.

  3. haha I relate to some of those! Though it’s interesting, having been to Chile, to know what he’s talking about! Definitely the lack of protection around houses was a big one when my grandma came to visit Canada too! And let me know if you guys come up to the Highlands 😀

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