Sisterhood of the World {Blogger Award}

In the past two weeks I’ve been nominated by two lovely bloggers for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.  Thank you to the wonderful Camila of Adventitious Violet and Pati of Travelekspert.  These awards are a great way of getting to know bloggers, so here we go…

Camila’s Questions

1. What first made you fall in love with travel?
I was very lucky to travel a lot as a child as my parents love travelling too, so I guess I have always loved travel!  My first big trip without my family was when I was 19.  I went to India and Nepal for nine weeks and I think that was the point when my love of travel was well and truly cemented as I saw a place that was so different from home and I felt like I learnt an incredible amount on that trip, things that have stuck with me 8 years later.DSC_1043
2. What one place would you choose to go to if money and time was no object?
As always, such a difficult question because there are too many places!  I would love to go to Tibet, mainly for the mountains and for the spirituality of the country. I think it’d be a great experience!

3. What one place would you absolutely recommend to visit?
I know it’s not really one place because it’s a whole continent, but South America! It has so much to offer and the natural beauty of the continent is off the scale.  You have the chance to see rainforest, beach, desert and glaciers, which is pretty special.  South America stole my heart long before I even visited it, and it still continues to!DSCF3791

4. Is there a destination you found disappointing? What did you do to counteract that?
I’ve been to very few places that I didn’t like.  I always think that there is something to like about a place, or an activity to enjoy, and after all it’s a holiday and what is not to like about a holiday?  The only place that I didn’t love would have to be Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  I have been to very hectic cities in Asia, but there was something about Phnom Penh that just didn’t charm me.

5. If you could give one advice to other women (bloggers, travellers, or just in general) out there what would it be?
Great question!  My advice would be to practise yoga 🙂  Yoga is something I practise every week and love so much, it teaches you to dedicate a small amount of time to yourself, to breathe and be in the moment, and it makes you physically stronger too.

6. Is there something you miss a lot when you’re off travelling?
I don’t like cold showers, no matter how hot it is outside!  So I’d have to say hot water.

7. Who is your favourite travel buddy?
So hard to choose!  I have travelled with my family, my partner, my friends, complete strangers and also solo.  I think the most important thing in a travel buddy is that you have the same outlook on the way you want to travel, probably the most important is whether you are looking for luxury or not as budget can be a contentious topic when travelling! DSC05128

8. Do you have a book or song or movie that inspires you?
This question made me think a lot and there are so many.  Currently the book that has most inspired me is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying as I am de-cluttering ready for my big move and this book made that all possible!DSC03923

9. Road trips, train trips or plane trips?
Train would be my preferred way of travel as I think it is the most relaxing of the three.  I like that you can see out of the window but also wander along the carriages too – you aren’t restrained to your seat!  Having said that, there are too many incredible places in the world that are too far to reach by train, so I couldn’t live without planes!DSC02480

10. Home is….?
London!  I grew up in London and have spent 20 of my 27 years here, I will miss it and all that it is about when I move to Chile next month!DSC03756

Pati’s Questions

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in January 2014 for two main reasons; I was in a job that took over a lot of my time and made me feel like I didn’t have much time to do anything I enjoyed, I was craving a creative outlet and a blog was the perfect thing for that!  Secondly, because I had 20,000 photos on my computer (even more now…oops!)  that were just sitting there and I wanted a fun way to share them.  I never realised how kind and sociable the blog world is, and that is the main reason I’m so glad I started a blog!DSC02470

2. When did you start travelling?
My first trip abroad was when I was three months old, does that count? 😉  I feel like I’ve always been into travelling because my parents are too so it was contagious!

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?
I moved across the world to Chile after knowing my partner for 11 days… five and a half years later, I still know it was the right decision!DSC_0273

4. What’s your most favourite place in the world and why?
My home, London, is my favourite place as it’s the city I feel most comfortable in.  It’s a city with so much to offer, so many cultures to learn from, so many things to do and of course, my family live there.  The only point that could improve London is the weather and the greyness; London in the sun is perfect!DSC03917
5. Which do you prefer, holidays in the mountains or on the beach, and why?
Mountains!  I just love them so much.  I love how they look so vast and I love trekking in them too.  Living in Chile made me love mountains even more because you get to see them everyday which is such a blessing!  Mountains are my favourite type of landscape and just seeing them makes me happy.El Calafate and El Chalten 143

6. Is there any place you had high expectations of, but after visiting it is disappointed you?
As I said above, I always love where I go because I think you can always find something you like in most places.  I think it’s all about the attitude you have towards travelling, and I like to have positive one!

7. What has been your worst travel experience?
When I almost missed my flight home from Rio after five months in South America. I left so so much time to get to the airport but there was a huge accident on the motorway so the bus was standing stationary for over an hour.  Once we did move, there was such a back log of traffic and I was just thinking I would miss the flight but knew there was nothing I could do!  In the end, I got to the gate with five minutes to spare! Phew!

8. Have you ever experienced a cultural shock?
The time when I most experienced travel shock was when I arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal.  We were in the taxi from the airport to the hotel and I was looking through the window and just seeing how different everything was.  The roads were so chaotic and noisy and it was a complete shock to the senses too!DSC_0219

9. Who inspires you?
Many people.  At the moment, I am constantly reassured by two of my best friends who live abroad and have made new countries their home.  I feel inspired by them when I am having a moment of being scared about moving to Chile!

10. When was the last time you laughed to tears and why?
Probably yesterday, I think that happens most days!  Well maybe not the tears, but lots of laughing 🙂

My nominations are:

Jessi ~ TwoFeet, One World

Your questions are:
  1. In one word, Travel makes me feel…
  2. What in your current city do you always show visitors?
  3. Which natural wonder has blown your mind?
  4. London, New York, Paris or Tokyo?
  5. Which post have you read in the last week that has fuelled your wanderlust?
  6. Which world cuisine would you choose if you were opening a restaurant?
  7. What’s the calmest or more peaceful place you’ve ever been to?
  8. Would I be more likely to find flip-flops or hiking boots in your luggage?
  9. What is your favourite memory from the last month?
  10. Lastly, three words to describe what type of traveller you are.

Happy Weekend!

Marcella xx

14 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World {Blogger Award}

  1. Ahh what an honor. Thank you for nominating me 🙂 I loved your answers, you have adventure in your blood! I can imagine what an experience it must have been to live in Nepal and India for 9 weeks! Really, you are one of the lucky ones 🙂

  2. This was really fun to read! I started practicing yoga on a very regular basis on the very first day of the year and it is a nice habit to get into. I’ve got out of it though with the traveling this summer and then I also cannot bring myself to do any yoga in extremely hot weather… which is probably silly since it comes from India, hah. The Tidying book looks really interesting! Love books like this.

  3. You’re as crazy as I am!!! I moved to Argentina 7 years ago after knowing my fiance for only 2 weeks. 🙂 We could actually organize a meeting, what do you think? 😉 You’re so lucky you can see mountains whenever you want to… I have to ride 1300 km to be able to admire them, this is what I really miss living on the coast….

  4. An enjoyable read 🙂
    I was wondering if your love for travelling had also given you opportunity to learn new languages? (I’m sure it does). How many languages can you speak?
    I’m glad that you read my post about Chile and yes, you are in love with this country 🙂

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