Falling in love with Buenos Aires


During my South American travels in 2010 I spent five weeks in the breath taking Buenos Aires!  I spent the time doing voluntary teaching and really getting to know the city.  Spending a while in one place means that you see it a whole lot differently from just popping in for a few days whilst hurrying to the next place.  You get to know the metro stations, the coffee shops that you want to visit again, the back streets close to your apartment, which days the local markets are on and so on.  It also means you get to do the stuff you really love more than once!  It’s also even more special when you are travelling for a while as it’s nice to just stop and ‘be’ and have a chance to take it all in.

Every Monday, my friends, who I met there, and I went to La Bomba which is a night of drumming.  None of it’s planned, it’s all improvised and full of so much energy.  It was a great way to start the week!  When I wasn’t teaching I spent many hours wandering around in different areas, spotting street art, interesting buildings and street markets.  And of course having delicious pastries, pastas and pizzas.  Steak is of course a big deal in BA but as a non meat eater my choices of food were more limited!

And, I discovered the best ice-cream of my life, ever.  Not suprisingly I don’t have any pictures of it as I always ate it way too fast.  It was dulce de leche con brownie from ‘Volta’ and I don’t believe I will ever taste an ice-cream so good!  Ice-cream places in Buenos Aires are incredible.  You walk in and are greeted by a huuuuge range of flavours all in metal drums and you pick from a menu that’s as long as you can imagine.  When Clem went to Buenos Aires a few years later I told her to go to Volta to try the deliciousness, she wasn’t disappointed!!

Here are my top picks of my five weeks.  I can’t wait to go back again to see this charming, colourful city.


Have you been to Buenos Aires?  Have you tried Volta’s ice-cream?!

Marcella xx

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