Food, Glorious Food

Money food makes the world go round.

Food is about so much more than the food itself.  It’s about the atmosphere it’s eaten in; a buzzing market, a classic restaurant, through the window as your bus passes somebody selling something delicious… the list goes on.  It’s about history; where the dish came from, how it is eaten and the story behind it.  It’s about the local produce and the way it’s grown or caught.  It’s about tasting new flavours; both the good and the bad.  It’s about the company it’s eaten with and it’s about making a day extra special.

Sometimes, that bite of something delicious, stays with you for a very long time.  Just like these dishes did:

Fish on Isla Tierra Bomba, Colombia.

The freshest of fish, rice, salad and patacones eaten on the beach in Colombia. Probably some of the best fish i’ve ever eaten, the taste did all of the talking as the food was incredibly simple and for around £2, you can’t go wrong!DSC04925Dal Bhat in Nepal.

The typical meal of Nepal.  I ate this exact same meal for two meals a day for seven weeks with my host family, and loved it.  Yes, we craved variety but the flavours were so delicious; roti, potatoes, lentil daal, rice and pickles.  Again, simply good!DSC_0805Ethiopian Food in London.

London’s Brick Lane has an amazing food market every Sunday called Sunday Up Market.  The thing is that I always end up getting the same thing; Ethiopian food because it’s veggie friendly plates are full of such a variety of flavour.  It’s fresh, full of veggies and seasoned perfectly.DSC_0081Croissants in Paris

Croissants taste so much better when they are eaten in France.  They are flakier, warmer and just more scrumptious!  The perfect breakfast to be eaten on a road side cafe while watching the world go by and preparing for the day ahead.DSC02171Tahli in India

Tahli is eaten everywhere in India and means that you get to have little tastes of everything as each plate is divided into sections, plus you often get free refills. When I spent two weeks in Northern India in 2008, we would eat at Tahli places and get a plate like this for 25p!!  It was insanely good food for an insane price.DSC_0203Moules frites in Marseille, France

Sitting along the water in Marseille, France lunching on mussels, fries and white wine sauce in the sun, was delicious! Again, a dish that just tastes better in France, and even better when by the sea!DSC00588Maybe the best indian food outside of India in London

Dishoom came to London a few years ago and was an instant hit!  There are always queues outside and you need to book in advance.  And, of course; it’s for the reason that the food they serve is just great!  It’s delicious and comes in small sharing plates, meaning you get to share everything.  And this, is chocolate chai which is just amazing!DSC04066Seafood empanadas in Con Con, Chile

I still remember the taste of eating my very first cheese and ostion (scallop) empanada becauase it really was that good!  It was eaten by the beach meaning it was extremely fresh and beyond delicious.DSC01241

When writing this post, I realised that for me, my favourite dining experiences haven’t been in fancy places, actually most of these meals have been in cheap, local places serving simple, tasty food.

Yummy!  Where have you had your most memorable food experiences?

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Marcella xx

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28 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Ooo – I’m hungry now! I think I’m going to enjoy the food in Nepal!! There is a delicious looking Ethiopian food stall at Greenwich market as well, but every time we get there it’s sold out! 😉 Mmm – love food!

  2. Your post made me hungry haha. If you head to India (in the Kolkata area), I would suggest trying out a Kolkata egg roll. It’s street food at it’s finest. This made me think of my favorite foods from places, from Korean barbeque to samp in South Africa.

  3. Ethiopian food is one of the things I miss most about living in the Bay Area since Dublin doesn’t have a single Ethiopian restaurant. We’re going to be in London next week and we have a day to kill with no plans. Your post just gave me a wonderful idea of how to fill it.

  4. Food 🙂 this reminds me, I haven’t had a decent curry in a really long time. This makes my Birmingham self very sad. Thanks for this culinary whirlwind!

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