Remembering Rio

Rio de Janeiro.  It’s been all over our screens for the past few weeks; amazing shots from above, people exercising on the beach, scenic bike rides where I’m sure the camera men/women found it hard to keep their eyes off of the views.  I watched the Olympics each and everyday, and often found myself dreaming of Rio.

Rio always brings back such happy memories for me.  It’s the city that I’d always dreamt of visiting and it’s where I started and ended my 5 months travelling in South America way back in 2010.

What does Rio mean to me?

It means colour and vibrance. I was so lucky as I got to celebrate Carnival in Rio, something I’ll never ever forget 🙂  The costumes, the music, the atmosphere and the tired feet.DSCF1178 DSCF1262 DSCF1232

It means spectacular views over the bay, and beyond.DSCF1009DSCF1010DSCF1447DSCF1459DSCF1472DSCF1490

It means picture perfect beaches with people exercising and soaking up the sun.DSCF1070DSCF4514DSCF4531

It means seeing a famous face.DSCF1028DSCF1054

It means where I fell deep in love with Couchsurfing, and never looked back!

But mostly, it means the atmosphere.  Something that can’t be put into words, as finding and soaking up the atmosphere, really can never be explained or summed up in photos.  Rio is a feeling ❤

Where has stolen your heart?

Marcella xx

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28 thoughts on “Remembering Rio

  1. I never can get over how creative you are with the way you express your love for places and things! It’s so beautiful! And really gives us an inside look at how you were feeling. I love it. And Rio just looks so so amazing! I really hope to get there one day! 😀

  2. i second what lauren said! you’re so creative with your posts and it makes it so much fun to read. I have never been to Rio but my older sister backpacked south america and Rio was one of her favorite stops along the way.

  3. Rio certainly seems like a fascinating and vibrant place! I didn’t get to see too much of the Olympics cause of the time difference but what I saw on tv from the city looked amazing!

  4. Rio looks stunning in your photos – what a great place to start and finish your South America travels 🙂 I really want to go. So many places in Central and South America captured my heart, one that stands out was Quito in Ecuador – there was just something about the place that I connected to.

  5. Rio looked so incredibly beautiful based on the shots they showed during the Olympics! I would love to visit there one day. And that’s so cool that you were there during Carnival! I know that I wouldn’t forget that experience either!

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