I Have This Thing With Mountains

Some of my favourite Instagram hashtags are the#Ihavethisthingwithwalls, #Ihavethisthingwithdoors and#Ihavethisthingwithtiles ones!  They are so colourful and fun! But now, my life can be summed up as#Ihavethisthingwithmountains and it might actually be becoming an obsession.  I could stare at them for … Continue reading

City Views {From Around the World)

Whenever you visit a city and ask advice for what you should see and do there, you are usually always recommended a view point.  “Climb up to _____, to see the amazing view!”  “You should definitely go to ____ because … Continue reading

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Sometimes numbers are difficult to get your head around.  A glacier that is 19 miles long is something that is very difficult to imagine.  It’s also difficult to imagine how beautiful it is too, and also how different it is … Continue reading