A Chilean Legend :: La Pincoya

Happy Travel Tuesday, everyone! This week’s (optional) prompt is all about local legends.  Instead of picking any from my travels I asked Carlos to tell me about some from Chile, as surprisingly I don’t think I knew any.  So, we … Continue reading

Liebster Awards

Happy Weekend!  I’m so pleased to have recently (some not so recently… oops, it just took a while to write this) been nominated for Liebster Awards by three of my favourite bloggers.  Thanks Lauren from Lauren on Location, Osama from Apothecary Travels and Anna from … Continue reading

A Wonderful Welsh Weekend

Happy Travel Tuesday!! When I think of amazing, breathtaking scenery I often think of far flung places. The kind of places where you spend a whole day on a plane to get there, however, this weekend we took a train and … Continue reading

Packing for a Weekend in the Mountains

I’m so excited that this weekend Carlos and I are going to the Welsh mountains with a couple of friends.  Did you know I love, love mountains?! We’re staying in a small, cosy cottage and spending the weekend walking, admiring … Continue reading