Colours are one of the things you notice when you travel.  Colourful street art, colourful and exotic fruit, colourful clothes, colourful market stalls… This week I’ve learnt a bit about the colour yellow from an art therapy magazine which inspired … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Blog! {And my favourite ten photos}

This weekend last year, I click publish on my first ever post here on WhatAWonderfulWorld. Since then I have grown to love blogging; the photography, the online community with fellow bloggers, the creative outlet, the inspiration from other blogs and, the … Continue reading

Flowers and Views :: The Horniman Gardens

The Horniman Museum and Gardens can be found in Dulwich in South London.  We took a slow stroll around the gardens last weekend. The flowers were mesmerising; some of the most brightly coloured and detailed I had seen.  Plus there … Continue reading

To Flutter

Colourful, patterned, fragile, delicate Fluttering, gliding, dancing, flittering, swooping Gracefully, beautifully, delicately, smoothly, graciously, elegantly, agilely   All found fluttering at the Sensational Butterflies butterfly house.  More butterflies in Cambodia. Marcella xx