Food Porn

I looked back at my old and less old food pictures and picked the ones that remind me of the countries in lived in. Food is the best way to travel when you don’t travel! At home, I try to cook using the recipes I collected abroad, to share them with my friends and family and recall traveling memories.

(1) Home,

When I think of comfort food I think “Crêpes”! When I moved to Chile, I packed a Crêpes pan which I used many times. Make crêpes for all occasion, it is always a nice get together excuse! This picture was taken at my 23rd Birthday in Chicago!Image

(2) Québec, Canada,

This delish’ Mapple syrup and Mustard Salmon “made in BBQ” is very special. I got this recipe from my Argentinian ex-boyfriend who taught me, apart from making this delicious meal, some tricks in photography! I made this salmon to my family in Canada, mapple syrup land and they absolutely loved it. Such sweet (savoury) memories!Image

(3) Chile,

What better dish to think of Chile than a “Completo”? A Chilean version of a “hot dog” with avocado purée: much more fun! Marcella made them (and a vegetarian version) the night I arrived in Chile as a welcome dinner. Just like crêpes night, completo night is perfect for dinner with friends! Image

(4) Montréal, Canada

Who has never had a poutine in “la Banquise” at 3am, during their stay in Montreal? Well, it’s ok if you haven’t, they serve it everywhere in the city, for the sake of fanatics of soft chips, melted cheese and gravy sauce, like me…Image

(5) Colombia

MEAT!! Meat makes me think of Colombia where I had it every day but also of South America in general! On the road, on the side, you can see men with small red flags trying to attract your car to their restaurants. These restaurants are full of surprises; meat is cooked in BBQ with a variety of side dishes: banana crisp, guacamole, tomato purée, sweetcorn… YummImage

(6) India,

Have a thali or “menu of the day” in India and you’ll taste all the spices, colours, flavours of what India has to offer! Be careful, it can be very spicy!!Image

(7) New York, USA

Last time I went to NYC, I met with a friend from Boston, he brought me to a true American Bagel place! This gravlax salmon bagel with multi grains bread was the best ever! So fresh and tasty! Thanks Ben!Image

(8) The pyrenees, France,

Cheese is used in traditional French dishes, but can also be the dish! In the Pyrenees, they reward the shepherds for their cheeses during the annual Cheese Fair where people sing and dance following their tradition. Their cheese is powerful; it gives you strength and makes you happy! Image


Clem xx