Happy 100 blog posts!

Woohoo!  This is our 100th blog post.  

On 12th January 2014 we pressed ‘publish’ and our blog has grown since then!

In April 2013 I went to visit Clem in Marseille for five days.  We had lots of chill out time and I was talking to Clem about the amazing blog A Beautiful Mess.  She fell in love with it as much as I had when I first found it and began following it too.  On our daily Whatsapp chats we would mention what we’d seen on the blog and be inspired by it.  A few months down the line we then talked about starting a blog of our own.  As we live in different countries we thought it would be a great connection to have and somewhere where we could share our common loves together; travel, photography, anything arty and world cuisine.  It took us a long time to think up a name but one day I heard the song What a Wonderful World on the radio and thought “Yes!  That’s it!”  I sent a Whatsapp message to Clem immediately and she agreed, it was the name for us!

I have loved posting for the past six months.  It’s made me take more photographs, especially of smaller details and also revisit some of my photographs that sit on my laptop.  I’ve loved putting a range of travel photographs together under a common theme; one of my favourite types of post to create.

So, to celebrate our 100 posts.  Here are our top 10!  I’ve chosen my top 5 of Clem’s posts and Clem has chosen her top 5 of my posts.  We hope you enjoy re-reading them and thanks for coming along for the ride!

1*Clem shared with us how to make the delicious South America speciality; empanadas.  A tasty recipe and beautiful photos to show you what to do.  We both love empanadas, especially those that are home made.IMG_1915 

2*I’ll always remember opening this post all about Haiti and being blinded by colour.  Clem shared some stunning photos with us and I looked at them SO many times.  She captured such beauty and showed a side to Haiti that many of us aren’t aware of.  A beautiful post.IMG_0528

3*Clem and I both like making and I loved this post all about up cycling.  Clem made some fabulous rings from buttons and I loved seeing them in person when I visited her in February.  So creative!IMG_3570

4*I spent 5 weeks in Buenos Aires and loved it!  When Clem went to visit for herself I was so excited to see what she thought and of course give her lots of recommendations.  She captured all that I love about the city in this post.  Such great angles and colours which show the charm that Buenos Aires has!  I can’t wait to go back soon.IMG_1149

5*Recently Clem moved to Chile and she let us in on a new Sunday event in which cyclists take to the streets.  The post let us in on a little bit of her new Chilean life and gave me a taste of the city I called home for ten months too.  I’m so excited for Clem to share some more adventures soon and I’m even more excited for when we’ll do some joint Chile posts together; watch this space!IMG_2121

Thanks for being an amazing blogging partner, Clem!  Let’s see where the next 100 posts take us…

Aww, on this nice message, I would like to reply with 5 of my favourites posts from Marcella:

6* Marcella and I are obsessed with Street Art, maybe because we both love Valparaiso in Chile, where Art is at every corner! So it became our tradition to capture Street Art in different countries and I loved her post about Street Art in Berlin, a city that I haven’t visited yet and which Marcella depicted very well!


7* Marcella knows how scared I am in transportation, if fact we both have had crazy experiences in transports when travelling… Her post” All Aboard” gives a different perspective on transportations means all over the world and made me open my eyes on the variety and beauty of some of them!

DSC_0132 2

8* Marcella is so good at capturing the beauty of micro through her macro! She takes the best pictures of the smallest things that are so beautiful (just like her)! You cannot miss her posts “Flowers of the World” and “Spring has sprung“!

DSC_0246 DSC00654

9* Remember when Marcella invented a way to travel the world in one day? check out her post! She is a genius, with pictures from her travels, she makes you wake up in India and go to bed in London!


10*Marcella and I discovered the joy of colouring! We love mandalas and other colouring books. I enjoy looking at her post “Colour me in” because her macro pictures are so fun!


It was hard to picks my favourites posts from Marcella’s! She is a great blogger and I am happy to share our pictures and random moments from our lives on this blog! Thank you Marce! Looking forward to our  101st post!

Happy 100th post!


Marcella and Clem xxx





Marcella’s #100HappyDays 40/100

I recently shared with you my first twenty photographs from #100HappyDays. Twenty more days have now passed and i’ve kept up my challenge of taking a photo each day.

Here are the next twenty…

>> Day twenty one:  Sharing homemade pisco sour with friends.  A lot of lemons were squeezed!DSC01415 >> Day twenty two:  Walking through yellow fields on a trip to see friends in the countryside.  We picked the most amazing spring day; it was full of sunshine.DSC01429 >>  Day twenty three:  Cooking unusual rice on a Sunday evening; it was time to re-fuel after a very long run!DSC01451 >> Day twenty four: Experimenting with a new style of photographyDSC01455 >> Day twenty five:  Making a childhood favourite; cheesy pasta bakeDSC01468 >> Day twenty six:  An after work runIMG_20140521_194306056 >> Day twenty seven:  A new Paperchase purchaseIMG-20140522-WA0009 >> Day twenty eight:  Arriving in LondonDSC01471 >> Day twenty nine:  A birthday BBQDSC01494 >> Day thirty: Starting a new book.DSC01539 >> Day thirty one: Walking around LondonIMG_20140526_184632085 >> Day thirty two: Starting a new projectDSC01538 >> Day thirty three: New summer clothes DSC01546 >> Day thirty four: Drinking out of vases at homeDSC01549>>Day thirty five: Train relaxationDSC01550>> Day thirty six:  Having friends round for dinner.  These olives went down a treat!DSC01568>> Day thirty seven:  Sunday evening pampering.DSC01570>> Day thirty eight: Tea and an evening filmDSC01572>> Day thirty nine:  An after-work swimIMG_20140603_190910846>> Day forty: Jazz nightIMG_20140604_211423373Check back soon for my next twenty days of happy photos. Are you taking part? Marcella xx