Day Trippin’ to Brighton

I woke up and peeked outside… the cars were covered in splashes of rain. ¬†‘Oh no! ¬†It can’t be raining on a day trip day’ I thought so I grabbed a light jacket and headed to London Bridge, where I was meeting my friend. ¬†We jumped on the train and chatted for the hour long train journey to Brighton and smiled as we saw the Welcome to Brighton sign. ¬†We were here… and so was the sun! ¬†There really was no need for the light jacket! ¬†I ended up having to carry it round for the whole day.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in Brighton? ¬†Head to the sea! ¬†We spotted it, which is always a lovely feeling and were soon greeted by the unforgettable smell of the sea; salty and fresh. ¬†We walked on the pebbles, until there were too many pebbles in my sandals. ¬†By this time I was regretting not bringing any suncream so we headed back into the shopping area to grab some factor 30 before heading to The Lanes. ¬†The Lanes is a small shopping area of¬†curving streets with mainly jewellery shops.DSC01904 DSC01905 DSC01906 DSC01907 DSC01908 DSC01909 DSC01912 DSC01913 DSC01914

Then it was time for lunch. ¬†A trip to the beach is not complete without fish n chips for lunch with a beach view so that’s exactly what we did. ¬†We then headed to Brighton Pier and had a look in the arcades.DSC01915DSC01931 DSC01919 DSC01935

Then for another sit on the beach while watching the hungry seagulls gracefully swooping for people’s fish n chips. ¬†And lastly another look around the shops before heading back to London.DSC01933DSC01936

Have you been to Brighton?  Did you forget your suncream too?

Marcella xx

A world of beaches

My favourite beach experiences from around the world.

Otres Beach, Cambodia.

A short tuk tuk ride from the busy Serendipity and Ochheuteal beaches you will find the very peaceful beaches of Otres one and Otres two.  Stay in a beach hut and eat fruit for breakfast.


Mljet, Croatia

Jump on a ferry from Dubrovnik to arrive to the unspoilt island of Mljet.  We were the only ones sat on the beach that day.  Visit the stunning National park too and eat the freshest fish you can find!


Maitencillo, Chile

Stay in a cabin on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset while eating a seafood empanada.


Mumbai, India

Visit during the festival of Ganesh when you’ll see people carrying statues, of all sizes, into the water.


San Diego, USA

Try to capture the surfers on the huge waves, or have a go yourself!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Watch the world go by on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.  Look out for Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background.


Brighton, England

Visit the arcades, wander around The Lanes and tuck into some fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.


Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

The only way to get to this hippie beach is on a very bumpy military vehicle that drives along the sand dunes and beach – hold on tight!


Lagoinha do Leste, Brazil

Take a hike from¬†Florian√≥polis to arrive to this deserted beach. ¬†Take a local to show you the way. You’ll be one of the only ones on the beach which means there is even more room for you in the lagoon!


Marcella xo