Marcella’s #100HappyDays 40/100

I recently shared with you my first twenty photographs from #100HappyDays. Twenty more days have now passed and i’ve kept up my challenge of taking a photo each day.

Here are the next twenty…

>> Day twenty one:  Sharing homemade pisco sour with friends.  A lot of lemons were squeezed!DSC01415 >> Day twenty two:  Walking through yellow fields on a trip to see friends in the countryside.  We picked the most amazing spring day; it was full of sunshine.DSC01429 >>  Day twenty three:  Cooking unusual rice on a Sunday evening; it was time to re-fuel after a very long run!DSC01451 >> Day twenty four: Experimenting with a new style of photographyDSC01455 >> Day twenty five:  Making a childhood favourite; cheesy pasta bakeDSC01468 >> Day twenty six:  An after work runIMG_20140521_194306056 >> Day twenty seven:  A new Paperchase purchaseIMG-20140522-WA0009 >> Day twenty eight:  Arriving in LondonDSC01471 >> Day twenty nine:  A birthday BBQDSC01494 >> Day thirty: Starting a new book.DSC01539 >> Day thirty one: Walking around LondonIMG_20140526_184632085 >> Day thirty two: Starting a new projectDSC01538 >> Day thirty three: New summer clothes DSC01546 >> Day thirty four: Drinking out of vases at homeDSC01549>>Day thirty five: Train relaxationDSC01550>> Day thirty six:  Having friends round for dinner.  These olives went down a treat!DSC01568>> Day thirty seven:  Sunday evening pampering.DSC01570>> Day thirty eight: Tea and an evening filmDSC01572>> Day thirty nine:  An after-work swimIMG_20140603_190910846>> Day forty: Jazz nightIMG_20140604_211423373Check back soon for my next twenty days of happy photos. Are you taking part? Marcella xx