Why Chile is 2018’s Top Travel Destination

Two weeks ago, while walking home from work, I got a Whatsapp message from Carlos with a link to a Lonely Planet article listing the best travel destinations of 2018.  Aww, I thought.  Carlos knows that I love reading these kinds of things. I then clicked on it only for my 3G not to open it… So, I replied Por donde vamos? (Where are we going?) We are already here, he replied.

Yes, Chile had been rated the best travel destination for 2018.  Which is a pretty big badge to win!  When I got home, I read the article and watched the accompanying videos.  It’s amazing to live in a country which has been listed as the best place to travel, I reflected.

Chile, being far away from pretty much everywhere, is often not high up on people’s travel lists.  It takes a long flight to get here from almost everywhere outside of South America, which means an expensive flight too.  But, little by little, as more and more airlines fly to Santiago and the web explodes with photos of Chile (mostly Torres del Paine), it is definitely becoming a destination.

So, why has Chile been given this title?  Well, it’s mostly due to Chile’s spectacular nature. Being so so long, it really does have every type of nature you could ever wish for.

I think images of Chile speak for themselves, and these are ten reasons why I think travelling to Chile is great:

MountainsDSC09254ColourDSC08693Views of 1,500 year old treesDSC_0075TranquilityDSC08255GlaciersDSC07938Trekking opportunities dsc07535SunsetsDSC06984BeachesDSC05695A bustling capital cityDSC06073Deserts (that bloom!)DSC_0129Accessibility to nature from SantiagoDSC09808WildlifeDSC00403MuralsDSC07778Natural coloursDSC08098

Not to mention the kindness of Chileans!

Where are you hoping to travel to in 2018?

Marcella xx

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60 thoughts on “Why Chile is 2018’s Top Travel Destination

  1. It truly is a gorgeous country and I am so happy to hear that traveling there is becoming more and more accessible. I hope to visit South America one day and Chile will definitely be on my list! In the meantime, I’ll be traveling around Chile vicariously through your beautiful photos. Those mountains are a stunner! xoxo

  2. Looking at your pics, it’s so easy to see why it’s the number one travel destination. It looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Aww – I’m not surprised Chile is a 2018 top destination – it’s such a beautiful place. It’s just amazing to have so many different landscapes and views all in one country. Next year, I so hope to make it back to Chile! But, I’ve got my eye on Sri Lanka too.

  4. Our travel plans have changed so we will be in Chile for a week after Brazil next month!

    (In the north around Iquique and Arica so hopefully seeing lots of altiplano scenery and wildlife)

  5. Aww that’s a cute story haha, although you will probably still want to travel in 2018 ;P I can definitely see why Chile was ranked the best country to visit! I was pretty proud myself because Detroit made it on the list as #2 city to visit, my heart was bursting for Michigan’s comeback city!!

  6. Chile has definitely been rising on my travel wishlist. We’ll get there eventually. For now, we’re desperately trying to make a trip to Ireland happen next year. #wanderfulwednesday

  7. I would recommend evryone to visit my home city Valparaiso. Please don´t listen to those who say that it is dangerous, it is a lot safer than neighbouring resort Viña del Mar and at least a hundred times more interesting!

  8. Probably won’t be able to make it to Chile in 2018 but it’s definitely on my list for 2019 the latest! Your pictures are sooo beautiful by the way!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. We plan to spend a the month of January in Bangladesh, a place we called home from 2007 to 2015! I enjoyed your photos. I researched many of the South American countries while in grade school (G 1-8), but haven’t had the privilege to visit, yet!

  10. Marcella, a part of me wanted to come to Chile now that I’m back in the America’s, but like you said, the flight is sooo long and I didn’t want to do that just yet. But Chile is beautiful and deserves a spot on the list. I saw so little of it when I was there and I do want to go back someday and see more of the beautiful nature!

  11. Chile seriously looks so beautiful! I’m headed with my boyfriend and his family on their family trip this year and Chile was on the shortlist. We eventually decided to go with Costa Rica but now I’m almost regretting that decision!

  12. Oh I totally believe this! Chile is on my travel list for sure – it just looks so magical and pretty. I love the pops of color on the homes – it reminds me of Iceland or Greenland!

  13. I’m desperate to get to Chile, for the ski season next winter! We don’t have plans sorted just yet (I’ve just returned from a big Europe/Scandinavia tour) but this week we’ve decided to go to San Francisco and ski at Lake Tahoe in February! Which is very exciting – an opportunity came up for SF which was rather unexpected but brilliant. When you are open to travel (and hard work) doors open all over the place! But Chile – definitely keen to get there. Bucket list ski destination. #wanderfulwednesday

  14. Well, I guess we have known for a long time about the beauty of Chile (and other South American countries). So, yes, it is exhilarating to see a big publication choosing Chile as a top destination. I already ordered my Lonely Planet magazine featuring the top destinations of 2018. I need to star planning! #WanderfulWednesday

  15. We are travelling to Chile in January and will be spending 7 weeks travelling around. Just starting to put a rough itinerary together, though we like to be flexible with our plans so that we can adapt the trip if we find something interesting, meet other travellers and follow their recommendations, etc. Looking forward to exploring all that Chile has to offer.

  16. Sadly, we really don’t know much about Chile. But we have noticed the incredible natural diversity, from beaches to mountains, and everything in between! It all looks beautiful, too! We’ve read about the long flights to get there, and even longer bus rides from one place to another. It definitely seems like you need a certain level of determination to visit. That might keep tourism down, but oddly, that’s probably a large part of why it’s a “hot” destination. While Chile is not on our agenda for 2018, we can definitely understand why it tops the list. Also…gorgeous pictures!

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  18. Cape Town has mountains too 😛 But I wouldn’t recommend people to come now as drought is kind of happening. We being extra careful in saving water! I never considered going to Chile, but it does seem appealing 😊

  19. Just beautiful! Ha, where ISN’T on my list might be an easier one… Cinque Terre, Croatia, Scotland, the Baltics… all over Europe is calling my name, and that’s without even daring to think beyond the continent 🙂

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