In the Moment :: Spring

As Spring is in full spring in Santiago de Chile (27 degree temperatures and all!), minds can’t help but wander towards the joys of summer.

I think this is especially true for us teachers as the academic year in Chile runs from February – December and I have the luxury of having 9 weeks off for summer (I still can’t get my head around how long that is!).

Which means I am looking forward to over three weeks in England and also travelling some of Chile (the desert) with my brother and Carlos.  However, those things are still two months away and so it’s always good to appreciate the moments of Spring and soak it all up.

After all, Spring really is a lovely season here in Santiago.  

So, here are my three things that have been happening since Spring arrived:

We’ve been enjoying lots of outdoor activities while the weather is just perfect and before it gets too hot to do too much exercise outside:

  • Hiking Pochoco – we did this short but very steep climb a few weekends ago and got to see the most amazing views of Santiago from above!
  • Cycling to see The Santiago Carnival – we hopped on our bikes to the centre of the city and saw all kinds of dancing, drumming, floats and costumes being paraded. 
  • Camping and hiking in Yerba Loca – my most favourite campsite view to date, and those mountain views were the best!DSC09808

With longer days, there is nothing better than getting stuck into a good book on the balcony.  I’ve read these books so far this Spring:

  • Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult- I was hooked on this from the get go!
  • Personas Favoritas by Frannerd – the only books in Spanish I have read from start to finish are illustrated books by Frannerd, she’s a Chilean illustrator who lives in the UK and this is the third one of her books I’ve read.  I really recommend them to any Spanish speakers.
  • Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi – I started this just this week and I can already tell it’s going to be a great one!

Which books have you been hooked on?  I’d love some great recommendations!DSC_0052

We’ve been getting our Netflix on and have been watching:

  • A-Typical – this was such a great recommendation from all of my teacher friends.  It’s a great say of seeing autism from another perspective, mixed with humour and lots of heartfelt moments too!
  • The Good Place – one that I clicked on by chance and just loved.  It’s a lovely, funny and light hearted watch with a truly strange plot!
  • Lucifier – We started Lucifer this week and it’s great!  Such a clever idea.

What can you recommend next?DSC_0129

The best way to live in the moment is to take notice of the little things around you.  These Spring weeks have got me looking at:

  • How the Spring blossoms are disappearing to make way for lush green.
  • There have been two stunning pink sunsets in the last week with the most interesting looking clouds just to add to the mix!
  • The mornings are getting lighter meaning I now leave my house in the light at 7am, yay!  It’s so much nice to walk to work when it isn’t pitch black anymore.DSC_0028

Listening to a mix of podcasts and music and my favourites have been:

  • The Heart of It Podcast – A great chatty podcast with inspiring guests and interesting topics to listen to.
  • Jack Johnson…
  • …& Bruno Mars – After two years in Chile, I am finally going to my first concert here.  And I happen to be going to two in the space of two weeks, both on school nights (That 6am alarm clock isn’t going to be pretty!)

Yes, there are lots of fun things about Summer, but Spring is pretty great too.  Especially when we have short weeks for this week and next (I love how many public holidays there are in Chile!)

How do you live in the moment?

Marcella xx

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31 thoughts on “In the Moment :: Spring

  1. I’ve watched Lucifer, but got a little underwhelmed after 7 episodes. I am now completely hooked on Designated Survivor!
    Spring in Santiago sounds good. We’re in the middle of fall, and I’m getting cold 😉 (even though it’s my favourite season!)

  2. I have too many shows going on right now — Outlander, Mindhunter, Star Trek, and soon Stranger Things! Springtime in Santiago looks gorgeous 🙂

  3. It’s spring here in Sydney and while the weather still cannot make up it’s mind, I’m loving the lighter evenings. I’m quite addicted to The Minimalists podcast (it’s so good) and have just finished their book “Everything That Remains,” such an awesome read. I love Jodi Piccoult, her books always leave me with so much to think about. We loved Atypical, have just finished Ozark (so good!) and are currently crushing on season 3 of Jane the Virgin 🙂 9 weeks holiday is amazing – wish I had gotten that much when I was teaching!

    • Ohh, great! I’ve heard good things about that podcast, I must check it out!
      I really loved the book, I’ve never read any of her books before, I need to check some more out!
      As for the 9 weeks off, it is crazy long! I think it’s because summer is so very hot here!

  4. I definitely miss when it’s light outside in the mornings, and that’s one of the worst parts about when it starts to be fall! I’m glad that you’re getting in some great time outside with the warmer weather, and some great reading too! Homegoing was one of the books that I loved last year!

  5. I am glad you are enjoying the season. We are enjoying out fall season in here (in the mountains) before the snow starts to fall. Well, not sure how much we are going to have since Los Angeles is experiencing an extreme heat wave Hope that is gone soon. I love the view from the campsite too. #wanderfulwednesday

  6. Crazy how 27 degrees is spring in your neck of the woods 😀 Also, can’t say that I’ve done any of these things lately as it’s all work and no play for me right now but I totally envy your camping trips in the mountains!! Can’t wait to hopefully go on one myself next summer!

  7. I love posts like these – it just feels good to catch up! Totally with you on the greatness of teachers’ holidays – just amazing – and so good to look forward to summer travels ahead. Two of your book recommendations have been on my list for awhile so definitely gotta check those out! I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast lately about creativity (featuring lots of interesting people) which has been so inspiring to me.
    OH, and your camping spot with the mountain view is just incredible! If I feel like I need to get back to living in the moment, I just concentrate hard on this day… not tomorrow or yesterday… and then think about it as a gift – there is only one today 🙂 Kind of corny, but ya know.

    • Thank you! I also love round up and catch up posts – they are great to both write and read 🙂
      Is the podcast Big Magic? If so, I’ve listened to all of those episodes and really loved them – so inspiring!!

      I totally agree, it’s very hard to live in the moment! I have to remind myself frequently 🙂

  8. Wow, these photos are so wonderful – your photos always are! I’d so love to visit. I haven’t seen any of the shows you mentioned, but I’ve heard Lucifer is good. There’s a new show called Mindhunter that looks promising. I’ve only watched one episode so far though!

  9. Happy Spring! I would really like to read Homegoing, it’s been on my list for ages 🙂 I’m reading Questions of Travel by Michelle de Kretser and really recommend it, especially for fellow travel lovers.

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