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Last month, Sarah from Endless Distances created here very own Couple’s Travel Quiz Tag, full of questions about the person you travel with most.  Carlos and I gave it a go this weekend while enjoying the hot Spring temperatures on Sunday.

So, we had to guess what the other person would say, and then answer the questions for ourselves:DSC_0055

Round One: Marcella

1.Where are you most likely to find Marcella in a new city she travels to?

Carlos’ answer: Walking around and exploring the city while trying to find the city’s little secrets.

Marcella’s answer: I would be doing that and also admiring the colourful street art and murals that are on offer, and snapping away at them with my camera.  I think Carlos is used to having to stop a lot while I wander slowly behind with my camera.

2. What is Marcella’s traveling downfall?

Carlos’ answer: Marcella is not very good at sleeping on overnight buses and in Chile there are so many places that are the distance of an overnight bus away.

Marcella’s answer: That’s true, I’m really bad at sleeping on buses and planes!  I might need to try the ‘salon cama’, which is when you have a fully reclined seat.

But for me, I would say my biggest downfall is that: I have no sense of direction and can’t read a map to save my life, eeek!  Luckily, Carlos is great at both of those things!dsc07522

3. What is Marcella’s traveling personality?

Carlos’ answer: Marcella’s travelling personality is that she is adventurous but also likes to plan adventures in advance.

Marcella’s answer: I would say, to not plan ahead (I plan the place but not anything we’ll be doing) and just see what we fancy doing day-to-day.  I never research a place much and don’t worry about doing all of the ‘must see’ things, I’d rather just wander around and see where we end up, and it usually ends up being somewhere exciting!

4. Why does Marcella like to travel?

Carlos’ answer: Because she likes to discover new things: new landscapes, food and people.  It satisfies her curiosity.

Marcella’s answer: I love to travel because you learn so much about new places, you get to see so much beauty and you learn a lot about yourself too.  Travelling has taught me so so much.

5. What is most fun about traveling with Marcella? 🙂

Carlos’ answer: We like similar things; exploring new paths, seeing nature or wandering around a town or city.

Marcella’s answer:  I agree!  We make a great travelling team!


Round Two: Carlos

1. What is the place Carlos least wants to travel to?

Marcella’s answer:  India, which breaks my heart a bit as my two times in India were priceless.  Maybe one day Carlos will change his mind 😉

Carlos’ answer: That’s a hard one as I guess you don’t know until you are there, but I would avoid any very crowded and large cities.  (I know he isn’t talking about London here 😉 )

2. What is Carlos’ favourite part about a new country?

Marcella’s answer: Exploring the mountains and lakes (if they have any!) He is pretty chilled out when travelling and is up for anything that a place has to offer, which works well for me!

Carlos’ answer: Probably tasting new foods for the first time. That’s one of the most intriguing aspects of visiting a new place, and I’m happy to keep on trying!DSC08961 21.55.35

3. What is Carlos’ annoying habit at the dinner table while traveling?

Marcella’s answer: That Carlos always finishes eating before me so then I feel like I am left eating by myself, especially in countries like Colombia where they take your plate as soon as you are finished, rather than waiting for you both to finish. I kept trying to make him eater slower, hehe.

Carlos’ answer: I don’t know if it’s a habit I would never queue up for more than a few minutes, I just want to eat straight away.  Well, at least sit down straight away, haha!

4. What does Carlos dislike about traveling?

Marcella’s answer: Carlos doesn’t like it when there are too many big crowds around.

Carlos’ answer: The planning part, especially trying to plan transport between places.  Also, jetlag!

5. What is Carlos’s travel superpower?

Marcella’s answer: Reading maps and telling me the way to places, since I never have a clue!

Carlos’ answer: I adapt quickly to new circumstances which is always good when travelling!

That was fun, now it’s your turn!

Marcella xx

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36 thoughts on “Couple’s Travel Quiz Tag

  1. I love this! Always good to get to know you (and Carlos) a little better. It sounds like you two are pretty well matched as travel buddies!

    I have the same thing with plate clearing here. I grew up being taught it was very rude to clear plates before everyone has finished so I cannot get over the fact people do that here! I’m not necessarily a slow eater but it makes me very conscious of who has finished/not. So I totally understand your frustration with that.

    What do you do to manage Carlos’ aversion to crowds? I’m also not fond of crowds and always interested to hear what others do to avoid them.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree, I hate having to eat by myself and feel like I need to rush as Carlos doesn’t have his plate anymore!
      Hmm, not sure, Carlos always tells me that he can prepare himself if he knows there is going to be a crowd. He says it’s harder when the crowd is unexpected!

  2. Looks like you’re an awesome team!!! I totally get Carlos when he says that he doesn’t like crowds. Me neither and that’s when traveling can become really stressful, especially at airports or in crowded trains… I also don’t like overnight travel much but definitely want to give it another try as I’ve only done an overnight bus journey so far but never taken the night train. I’m hoping that one would be more comfortable…

  3. I love getting lost in new cities and take photos! My brother says that I roam like a dog looking left and right to spot something cool.

  4. AAHHH I’m so happy you guys did this! Dan actually just came down to the kitchen and I was like OMG OMG someone did our quiz!! Haha. You guys look like such a great team and you know I love reading posts that let me be a bit nosy and get to know you better ;P I am also a slow eater! Well, not really a slow eater but a normal paced eater… while Dan eats his food like his life depends on it haha, I also don’t like being left at the end with people just watching me eat!

  5. This is so much fun – it was lovely to find a bit more about you both. I’m going to try this on hubby and I. I’m the fast eater in our relationship, although hubby is like Carlos, he hates queuing for food, he’s a grab a seat and eat kind of guy!

  6. These quizzes are always so much fun to read, especially when you don’t know how your significant other is going to answer. I know that my husband would say that his biggest struggle is reading a map too, and I’ve only just gotten over the whole sleeping on buses/trains fear that I have. I think that it’s because I use public transport to get to work, and I’ve started sleeping there.

  7. I loved this! Such a cute idea for a post. Sarah did such a good job designing it too! You and Carlos are too funny, you guys seem to compliment each other perfectly when it comes to travel! You should definitely try the salon cama next time you take an overnight bus too! Really makes all the difference!

  8. So cute! Glad you guys did this quiz! I need to get Lyndon on board ha. So funny to read y’alls’ answers… it’s the perfect mix of different answers, totally laughed when he said you like to plan and you said you don’t plan lol.

  9. Super nice that you have published a quiz like this! Maybe I should to that to with my travel partner with whom I travel around the world and host the best regards from far website. Keep up the traveling! We btw share our first names, not that common so that’s pretty cool! Best, Marcella 🙂

  10. This is such a good way to make conversation while going on a trip. Thankfully, my husband and I always find a good conversation topic. I am pretty sure my husband will answer these questions about me right. He knows me really well (which sometimes is scary). #WanderfulWednesday

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