Food Safari :: Italy and Mexico

You may know from reading my blog, that earlier this year a group of friends and I started a Food Safari, meaning that each month we get to travel the world using our kitchen and taste buds.

Each month one of us chooses a country and we all get get cooking to make a dish or two plus drinks.  Then we get together and eat!  So far we have travelled from India to Cambodia to Peru.  And today, I’m going to be sharing our Italian and Mexican evenings with you ~ spoiler: they were delicious!

Italian night

Usually we get together as a group of six girls but for this occasion we invited our partners meaning there was a huge quantity of food and it was all divine.  Ready?!…

Erin and Kito’s bruschetta to start.  Served with artichoke and mint dip.DSC09445DSC09447… and Leah’s tomato and basil salsa.DSC09446Carlos’ veggie lasagne made from scratchDSC09448Florence’s beetroot and goats cheese saladDSC09452Florence’s flavorsome aubergine saladDSC09451Steph and José’s sweet potato gnocchi DSC09450DSC09443My aubergine and ricotta cannelloniDSC09449All washed down with Dayan’s amazing cocktailsDSC09444And finished with Erin’s pana cotta DSC09453And Leah and Alex’s ZabaglioneDSC09454

As if all of that wan’t good enough… the month after we travelled to Mexico for another delicious evening.

Mexican eveningDSC09455.JPG

My black bean and poached egg soupDSC09456Florence’s kidney bean dipDSC09463Steph’s Fish a la  VeracruzanaDSC09459and her veggie version with tofuDSC09462DSC09465Florence’s salsa…DSC09460… and guacamole!DSC09458With tacos and cheeseDSC09457Leah’s soy mince tacosDSC09464YUM!  And I’m already excited for this month’s edition, where we will be cooking middle eastern food.

Where are your cuisine suggestions?

Check out our previous food safaris: India | Cambodia | Peru

Marcella xx

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38 thoughts on “Food Safari :: Italy and Mexico

  1. Oh yum! I really shouldn’t have read this post when I was hungry! I used to have party packs for international food nights. We took things one step further and dressed in traditional dress, and in the party pack there was a CD with music from that country, a trivia quiz about the country and some really fun games. We had such a laugh. Mexican, Indian and Italian were our faves!

  2. That Mexican night looks absolutely divine! If I could eat chips and salsa for the rest of my life, I know that I’d be so happy! I love that y’all do this and I think that it’s such a fun way to experience food from around the world with great friends!

  3. The lady that prepared the guacamole knows what she is doing (she left the avocado pits in the guacamole). I love reunions like these. In my experience, I have been able to try delicious food in gathering like this. Sometimes you would not even find this stuff in restaurants.

  4. I so love this tradition! It’s so fun and such a great way to “Travel” without traveling and learn to cook a variety of different foods. These two happen to be two of my favorites too- I think I could live on Italian food and Mexican combined! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Middle Eastern! I imagine there will be some yummy hummus involved 😛

  5. My two favorite cuisines 😉 I once again love this idea – I think once I’m settled in one place again I really need to start my own food safari! (Also – I am in Italy atm and see aubergines served evvvverywhere, and you had a lot of them too at your food safari, but it’s taken me all these years to realize they are an italian food!!)

  6. YUM. These all look so great and as ever I love how many veggie options you have! Especially for the Italian night, so often that can be a total meat fest and it doesn’t need to be at all. The sweet potato gnocchi look divine, and any chance you’d post the recipe for the black bean and poached egg soup…??

  7. Italian and Mexican food is the best! Looks like foodie heaven to me 🙂 We recently discovered a cultural cafe here in Stavanger where they serve food from around the world every Saturday on the cheap and it’s an amazing experience, much like your evenings I reckon 🙂

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