The Weird and Wonderful of Santiago

When living abroad, I think it’s quite easy to forget you live abroad.  You get into a normal routine of “normal” things like work, food shopping, seeing friends, the routine of your day. Sometimes, it’s good to reflect on the weird and wonderful things that you have started t to get used to.

* When it rains in Santiago, it is pretty normal that there is an electricity or water cut. Which means, you always have to have bottles of water in your flat, just in case!  And torches and candles too.img_5048

* That despite coming from England, 26 degrees is no longer a “hot” day.  I’ve actually heard myself say “It’s not going to be that hot tomorrow, only 26”, which is a hot summers day back home.  But, when temperatures can reach 10 degrees more than that in in summer, I guess it’s not hot anymore.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t melt when it gets above 28, though!

* There is no such thing as standing on the right when you go up the escalator, everyone just stands on both sides.

* When getting directions, you will often hear “away” or “towards” the mountains: the biggest landmark in Santiago!img_5208

*  Long weekends, mean escaping the city and heading to the countryside, mountains or beach.  Leaving Santiago pretty deserted.DSC09012

* You only need to take our your metro card to get on the metro and not off.  Even after almost two years, I still automatically take out the card when I get off the metro, just like you have to in London!  One day, I will learn.

* Rain is very welcomed in Santiago as it means that the smog is cleared.  Having said that, nobody goes out when it rains and plans are often cancelled.

* The mountains never ever get boring, I admire that view each and everyday.dsc05813

* People congratulate each other on getting through the month of August as it signals the end of the coldest winter months.

* Time is very flexible, lateness is very accepted.

* Most people eat seasonally, which I love.  As there isn’t much importation of fruits and vegetables, it means that you get to learn what is in season, when.  It means you look forward to the fruits and veg of the season and eat it as much as you can, until it disappears until next year.  We are loving artichokes and asparagus at the moment, mmm.DSC08430

* September is the best month!  Chileans celebrate their independence day which means the whole month is full of festivities and it has all the happy vibes that Christmas has at home.

* Chile is soooo long, that you find yourself thinking that somewhere 6 hours away is “close”.

What are the weird and wonderful things about where you live?

Marcella xx

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44 thoughts on “The Weird and Wonderful of Santiago

  1. It really is so true that it’s easy to find yourself in habits, even when you’re living somewhere fun. And we feel the same way in Texas, since the state is so big, 5 hours away really doesn’t seem that bad!

  2. It’s funny cause everyone stands on escalators here lol. Every time I go to London I have to make sure I’m not blocking someone’s way! And I usually love rain, especially when I don’t have anything to do and can snuggle on the coach and watch TV but I also hate it cause it makes Houston super humid afterwards!

  3. Soooo interesting! In D.C., you need to swipe your card to get in and out of the metro but in NYC, you only need the card to enter just like in Santiago. Also, totally didn’t realize that the seasons are opposite. Crazy to think of September as the beginning of Spring haha.

  4. Santiago sounds so Latin! Even though Spanish speaking countries are so different (even though people think they are the same), there are things that united them (other than the language). Being late is accepted a lot (it drives me crazy). And the power cut, ohh. That brings me bad memories of the time I was in college. #wanderfulwednesday

  5. Ahhh I love love love this post! I always think of the weird/wonderful aspects of life in the UK, but when I sit down to write about them I can never think of them all! It’s all the little, everyday things that just become normal! I would love to live in a place that eats seasonally, too.

  6. Wait, so everyone wants it to rain cause of the smog but then no one goes out to breathe in the fresh air? What’s that about? I totally get what you say about temperatures though! I now consider 15 degrees to be warm and “summer” after living in the Arctic for so long 😀

  7. I definitely understand that you forget that you’re “living abroad” when you’re actually living abroad. It’s always good to remember to notice the strange things! I’ve noticed myself doing that a lot now that I’m going through reverse culture shock 🙂

  8. I love learning about weird things in a place. I’m currently putting together something very similar about China that i hope I’ll be able to share soon. In China, no one stands on one side of the elevator either haha. But I love that you eat seasonally!

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