The Colours of Chiloé

If you ask anyone about the must see places in Chile, the chances are, Chiloé would be on the list.  Chiloé is an island in the very north of Patagonia that you can reach by ferry from Puerto Montt.

Back in April, during our Autumn holiday from school, three friends and I headed over. If there was one thing I was expecting from Chiloé it was colour, which didn’t disappoint. And rain… because this region of Chile is known for its rain and grey skies.

Chiloé, and Castro especially, is famous for its palafitos, a word which took me a very long time to learn.  I just kept saying “those houses on stilts that begin with the letter p‘. So what are palafitos? They are traditional wooden houses that are built on stilts.  They tend to be colourful and just look so charming, especially on days where they are reflected into the water.
DSC08695DSC08694DSC08693DSC08692DSC08674DSC08669DSC08668DSC08667DSC08666DSC08665Thanks to some searching on Airbnb, we stayed in a cosy palafito with a wood fire and a beautiful view.  It was really lovely to see how the tide went in and out depending on the time of day and it was so nice to come home each evening to the fire and knowing the water was right below you.DSC08680DSC08657DSC08641DSC08640And what’s not to love about the colours they are painted in!  The different colours just added to the charm.DSC08662I decided that this beautiful turquoise painted one was the colour for me!DSC08661DSC08660Chiloé is also known for its colourful wooden churches which are just so different from churches I have seen in other places.  Each one is unique from the other and they catch you as you drive by.  I just love how they all vary in shape, size and colour.DSC08698DSC08690DSC08687DSC08639DSC08638We also managed to spot a couple of murals, just too add to the colour 😉  I loved this one which shows the rain of Chiloé, the mountain backdrop and their famous potatoes! DSC08676

It’s always great to visit somewhere filled with colour, and Chiloé was one of those places!  It was also such a great experience to stay in a palafito.  Would you like to stay in one?

Marcella xx

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53 thoughts on “The Colours of Chiloé

  1. I’d love to stay in a palafito. They’re so colorful and I’ve always wanted to stay in a hut that was over the water. And I like all the colorful churches. That is something you really don’t see that often. #wanderfulwednesday

  2. Love these photos!! I can’t even imagine staying in one of these houses – how cool that you were able to!! Is mostly a tourist place or is there a local life??

  3. I actually really remember your instagram from back you visited Chiloe! I think I chose the purple house (along with most other people haha) to live in!!

  4. Charming doesn’t even begin to sum up this place! How absolutely delightful. The colours remind me of Scandinavia. And those reflections – wow, just beautiful! What a vibrant place. I would absolutely love to visit Chiloe! #WanderfulWednesday

  5. A lot of times I see Chiloe on lists of the most colorful places on the world. And, it deserves to be there! The palafitos (love the word) are so unique to the island. So great you were able to stay on one. #wanderfulwednesday

  6. I love those reflections! So crisp. It’s cool that you managed to stay in a palafito, that’s exactly why I love AirBnB. It makes for a more interesting trip when you can experience things a bit more like a local. I’d love to live in a colourful house over water! How does it get better than that?!

  7. I love colourful houses and I can totally see why they have them in a place like that where the weather is bad so often. Those colours really lift your mood, even on a rainy day. I can totally see that here in the Arctic too 🙂

  8. Marcella it looks like you stayed right next to my friend’s Palafito! We lived in Chiloe for 1.5 years and became really good friends with the owners of Palafito Waiwen (a fantastic and highly rated hotel). I loved being there by the water! It’s so pretty! If anyone is planning a trip, you MUST go in November, December, Jan/Feb…otherwise it is incredibly rainy!! I did a few posts about the town and surrounding areas if anyone is interested! Cheers!

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