:: That Was Spring ::

So, here in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is fast approaching. Although, for this London girl, it’s been Summer for a long time!  Chilean Spring boasts better weather than London summer, so I’m just confused.  We’ve already had some days of 33, and most days at the moment are topping at around 26-30.  But yes, techincally it’s still Spring!

Before getting into Summer, and my looooong nine-week-long-teacher-holidays, I wanted to reflect on the season of Spring and recent happenings from around here.

First spotting Spring

Nature showed us Spring way before the weather did, and I spotted the first of this year’s Spring blooms in Cajon del Maipo in August.  We spent a long weekend camping and saw the first signs of the colourful season.

DSC06866 DSC06867

My first Dieciocho

Dieciocho (The 18th September) is when Chileans celebrate their national holiday (for days!)  There are two public holidays, tonnes of food eaten, their national dance danced and the beginning of the warmer weather begins to appear. This year was my first one in Chile and it consisted of filling 70 empanadas, ready for the oven!

Four days in Lima

We headed to Lima for four days in September and met with some friends from England and Chile.  It really is true what they say about Lima, the food is incredible.  But for me the highlight was an amazing street art tour that I took.dsc07302 dsc07351

Barre and Yoga life

I’ve kept up yoga since arriving in Chile and in total have been practicing yoga for almost for years, I couldn’t be without it.  I left behind some wonderful classes at home and was nervous about finding classes as good here.  I tried a few and they were fine but they definitely weren’t the one.  However, during the last few months, I started a barre class that I love!!!  And I’ve joined some new yoga classes here too, and those one are the one, they are just what I was looking for!dsc07542

Flying through the school year

At the time of writing this, I only have three-and-a-half weeks left until we finish the school year for Summer!  I can’t believe that this first year has almost gone by.  Time flies, it really does and it’s been a great first year in my new job.

Trekking to see the view of a lifetime

In October, Carlos and I climbed La Campana, which was a eight-and-a-half hour trip in total.  But, the views we were greeted with were the most amazing!  We got to see all the way from the coast to The Andes, and my legs still hurt a week afterwards!dsc07540 dsc07535 dsc07526 dsc07522

Summer Planning

Well Spring does mean that Summer is just around the corner, which means Summer planning!  I have some exciting things coming up for my long summer holidays, which I will be writing about in a few blog posts time.  So excited!DSC00882

A weekend in the desert

We took advantage of the four day long weekend and headed to the desert in the north of Chile for a weekend of seafood, sunsets and beach.  It was a wonderful break before the last few weeks of the school year.

dsc07624 dsc07627 dsc07615

Celebrating one year in Chile

The 4th November marked one year in Chile and we celebrated by going to eat Indian food!  Maybe not the most logical connection but any excuse to eat my favourite cuisine is a great one!

Bike Riding

Last week I bought a new bike and so last Sunday we rode around Santiago.  The city does an amazing thing each and every Sunday:  they close 37km of roads just for pedestrians.  It happens between 9am and 2pm and brings people to bike, run, roller blade and walk around the city.  It really is so amazing!! Do you know any other cities that do that?

Feeling very un-Christmassy

When I watch English TV from my laptop, everything is Christmas related!  The shops are filling with snowy decorations and hot santa can be found in every shopping centre.  But, with the sun streaming, I can never feel like Christmas is approaching.  It’s so very weird to me.DSC04392

So, it’s been a jam-packed Spring.  Probably the most busy season so far.  And now, I’m almost ready for Summer, which I will be sharing my plans on soon 🙂

How was your Spring (or mostly probably, your Autumn?!)

Marcella xx

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30 thoughts on “:: That Was Spring ::

  1. You managed to fit so much cool stuff into your spring! That’s great that the city shuts down roads so people can use the area for recreation, such a good idea. And you’re not the only one feeling un-Christmassy, I’m not there yet despite the fact it’s freezing here. My autumn has been filled with Plans. Very good ones! Excited to hear about your summer plans!

  2. I always forget the hemispheres have different seasons…it’s hard to imagine a summery Christmas!! Do they still decorate with snow/pine trees/wintery things? Or is it truly embraced as a summer holiday?

  3. Man your spring has been filled to the brim with so many fun activities! While I do love the fall weather, I also love seeing everything in bloom during the spring! That really has to be so weird to celebrate Christmas when it’s so hot outside, but hopefully once you start decorating you’ll feel more Christmasy!

  4. autumn is slowly turning into winter here in the midwest. we’ve been getting some flurries and snow. I’m getting married in less than 2 months(!!!) so i’ve been doing lots and lots of wedding prep! very exciting 🙂

  5. wow, I had no idea that the city closes off so much of the city for bikers and pedestrians every Sunday. That sounds so amazing! And I didn’t know Chile got such beautiful spring flowers either! And I know what you mean… I can’t believe Christmas is just a month away. it’s so hot where I am too haha!

  6. You’ve definitely had an action-packed spring! I’ve loved being around to be a part of it! I also absolutely love reading all of your posts about Chile, becausw they’re so relatable for me. This year Was also my first 18 and I’m also feeling so weird being Spring right now! Even weirder than Christmas is that my birthday is next weekend and it doesn’t feel like it at all. Today is also Thanksgiving! I’ve never been in spring for these events before so I’m alllll confused .. Can’t complain about this weather though haha 😀

  7. Your Spring, our Autumn – and it’s been glorious actually! The weather hasn’t been freezing cold and we haven’t had week after week of rain, mainly blue skies and absolutely stunning leaves as you can imagine. That’s about all I have for you – I’m in the UK and you are about to enter Summer in Chile after having been there a year – fabulous, I’m officially jealous 🙂 … but not for long, I leave the UK in 1 month’s time to start travelling the world full-time beginning in Borneo so I will be there for Xmas and, by that point, I will have had enough of Xmas adverts and songs on the TV which I’m sure you don’t miss lol 🙂 #WanderfulWednesday

  8. It is incredible how the planet works, I cannot imagine anything but winter right now, yet here you are prepping for summer. Loved following all your adventures and cannot wait to learn what you have planned for hotter months. You also inspired me to get back to yoga, it has been tough practicing alone (no classes close by) and I ended up quitting for a bit.

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